Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Trig Carlo Manche, 33 (Gzira, Malta)

I slept in this morning after a good night’s sleep. Couldn’t do hash browns for breakfast because I didn’t have a grater. The kitchen here only has a few implements for cooking, but I’ll make do with what I have. From a couple of weeks ago when I was last in Malta I found a grater that was less than 2 Euro, so I’ll return to the Tower store later and pick one up there. Tomorrow I’ll have my hash browns.

While walking to the Tower store for groceries I passed a hair salon that didn’t look busy. On the way back from the store I’ll drop in there to get my hair cut. I realize there isn’t much on top, but what there is around the sides, needs to be trimmed. My last haircut was when I was in Rome almost a month ago!

The Tower store is on three levels. The ground level has a number of useful items, perhaps organized for quick visits. The two levels below, I don’t see how it was determined what went where. You can buy meat on both lower levels, though the one on the first lower level is more of a deli and the bottom level has a butcher on hand and you can also find a good selection of produce on the lowest level. Essentially, as a shopper, you need to wander around to find what you need.

I found most everything I was looking for, except for a bag of oats that I’d like for morning porridge. After paying, I was on my way. Next stop was to get my hair cut.

The salon was located in a new building that is in the process of being ready for more tenants, both at the ground level and residences on the upper floors. My guess is the salon is new and many people probably don’t know that its there. To my benefit, I didn’t have to wait to get my haircut. The cost for the haircut was only 10 Euro, plus two more Euro for a tip. Felt good to look neat and trimmed.

I was going to buy a chicken on the way back to the flat, but the local butcher down the street from where I’ staying didn’t have any whole chickens left. He said to return in the morning and he would have one for me. He did have some ground hamburger, so I’ll have that and spinach for dinner later.

Was productive the rest of the afternoon. I fully unpacked my suitcase, did two loads of wash, and got caught up on my travel blog. Then I celebrated by taking a nap.

After my nap it was a little after 8:00 when I started my dinner. It took less than 15 minutes to prepare. After washing up, I saw that Netflix was featuring the movie, Dark Shadows, so I watched that before I went to bed.

Tomorrow I’m planning on being super lazy and probably buying a few more food items, including the chicken that I’ll have tomorrow night for dinner. I saw via Facebook that Barbara has begun her flight back from Istanbul to the U.S. and will look for a post tomorrow morning to see that she arrived.

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