Sunday, 31 March 2019

Salita Mura delle Cattive, 7 (Palermo – Sicily, Italy)

I was up early and found a beautiful sunrise waiting for me. (I don’t think it was actually waiting, but I’d like to think it was.) I took a number of pictures, drank a cup of coffee then went back to bed.

It was around 9:00 when I met Barbara in the kitchen. After a few minutes to fully wake up we started to prepare breakfast. We used the items we bought last night and had another filling breakfast. There wasn’t a grater in the kitchen so I cut up the potatoes into cubes and we made do with that.

We both agreed that we’d like to start our walk today along the harbor. We understood from our host that we have one of the few flats in Palermo with this view of the harbor and we were interested in having a closer look at the park that runs along the harbor this morning. And what a perfect day for a walk. Was in the mid-60’s, sunny, and no wind. Many families were out enjoying the day together. A few were flying kites, kicking a footballs (soccer) around, walking dogs, pushing stroller, etc.

As we walked along, Barbara saw a number of people carrying recently purchased plants and wondered where they were coming from. We walked a little farther and saw that the city’s botanical garden had a flower show and there were stalls where people could buy plants and other items. These stalls were lined up and down many of the paths in the garden. Before we went into the gardens we bought gelatos and sat on a nearby park bench. We bought bread earlier and between these two items, that was our lunch.

We saw many varieties of trees from all over the world, as you do when you visit a botanical garden. We took plenty of pictures. Barbara found a collection of scarfs and she purchased a few to take back to the states. We were in the garden for almost two hours.

We did a lot of walking today. Over 10,000 steps each, which helps to compensate for our daily treat of gelatos. We made reservations at a nearby restaurant at 8:00 for dinner. This was a recommendation from our host. This gave me time to squeeze in a nap before dinner.

I used the GPS on my phone to find the restaurant. As we walked, my phone said we passed it. How could this be? Well, as we found out from a person working the reception desk at a nearby hotel, the restaurant is located on a walkway on the other side of the buildings across the street. As we followed her directions, we discovered that the restaurant was up on the wide walkway that passed below our flat. Oh well, we found the restaurant.

We’ve been doing great at finding the perfect place to eat each night. And we agreed that this place, Le Cattive, was the very best. The wait staff was very kind and helpful as we made our choices for dinner. They told us about the wine and we learned about the olive oil that they offered. I think we could of had our choice of 5 or 6 different olive oils, but I expect they chose the best one based on our meal.

We received a few extras along with our meal. Though we each ordered a dessert, they brought a few after dinner treats along with a dessert wine. Because Barbara showed interest in the olive oil, she was given a bottle of their special olive oil to take with her. We probably over-tipped, but the service and our meal was so fantastic, they earned it.

Tomorrow we are going up to Monreale. This is a small town located up on a nearby hill. There is a Cathedral up there that is widely known for its mosaic features. It was recommended that we take a bus, but I’ll figure that out tomorrow. The cost for a taxi would be astronomical.

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