Saturday, 30 March 2019

Castello Urseno 69 (Catania – Sicily, Italy)

This morning we got ready for our journey by train to Palermo. I was trying to find a taxi service to call to pick us up then decided to ask the people at the restaurant if they could call a taxi for us. Since we had eaten at their restaurant two nights in a row I didn’t think they would mind. They were very kind and made the call on our behalf.

The taxi arrived a few minutes later and we were on our way to the Catania train station. At the station we bought food and water for the 3-hour trip at the station. We were able to get on board early and found great seats for us and our luggage.

It was a beautiful sunny day as we left Catania. Along the way we saw many farms and livestock, green hills, and fields of wild flowers. I thought it was funny that when the train engineer saw a flock of sheep near the track he tooted his horn to scare the sheep. Maybe for the sheep’s safety so they wouldn’t run in front of the train or perhaps for the enjoyment of the engineer.

After three hours we pulled into Palermo. We found a taxi to take us to where we were to meet our Airbnb host. I had problems getting the address and directions to the flat organized. It was one of those situations that perhaps the host was so careful providing instructions it made it more difficult to find. Or it could have been I was tired. In any case we met up with the host and she showed us around the flat.

The flat is very large with good-sized bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. We thought the last two places were large. This one was maybe the largest and the most modern. The view off the balcony was super. We could see the Palermo harbor and the Tyrrhenian Sea, a subset of the Mediterranean Sea.

We left the flat to find a bakery and then went to a larger grocery to buy extra food for breakfast. We decided to eat in the flat rather than go out to dinner and had a simple dinner of salad and bread. I started to feel better after I had a nap and stayed up and watched the most recent episode of Star Trek Discovery.

We don’t have any plans for tomorrow other than walk around and explore this part of the city. We’re in the historical center so I’m sure there will be a few interesting sites to see. I’m sure we will walk along the harbor too.

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