Friday, 29 March 2019

Castello Urseno 69 (Catania – Sicily, Italy)

Another delicious breakfast this morning. I fixed the hash browns and fried eggs and Barbara cut up the fruit and prepared a bread plate with avocado and cheese. A great way to start the day!

We put our heads together and decided on a plan for the day. There were a few things we wanted to see and the rest we will discover as we walk along.

We first walked by the large church we see from our kitchen. It wasn’t open but we walked by it. We noticed that there was a small section on the side of the church that looked like it was combined with an earlier building. Perhaps a way of honoring the old and the new?

As we walked in our new direction for the day we came upon some old ruins but was part of an exhibit that we decided not to see. Nearby were a couple of churches, an old archway, then a park area. Some many small (and large ones too) parks and plazas scattered around the city.

Barbara had seen on a map that there was a shop offering many Sicilian products which could be mailed to the U.S. What a shop! There was a bit of everything there. We were given a couple of samples as Barbara made her selection of items that will be shipped to the U.S. and will arrive shortly after she returns. It will be like an early Christmas when the box arrives.

Further down the road we found the old amphitheater used for gladiator entertainment back in the ancient times. We walked by it yesterday because you had to look over a barrier to see it. Over the years it became lower than the surrounding area. Only a portion of the amphitheater was exposed.

We found the Bellini park that was well taken care of – complete with cats roaming around. There was a beautiful gazebo up on the hill and gardens all around. Quite a large park. The people of Catania really must like that composer. He was born in this city. We took a number of pictures while in the park.

On the way back to the flat Barbara found a store where she bought a few tops. Wish I had room to carry around more clothes, but that is my life as a traveler.

It was getting cold outside. It looks like a storm was coming in and we decided to call it a day. On the way back we looked for a bakery so we would have something to snack on while drinking a glass of wine later. We asked around and found the perfect bakery that had fresh bread that we bought and took back with us.

After a glass of wine and some bread I was ready for a nap. Earlier, we made reservations at the place where we ate last night. We don’t mind eating there again. The food and service was perfect.

Tomorrow we leave for Palermo on the opposite side of the island of Sicily. We will take the train through the center of Sicily and see much more of this beautiful part of Italy.

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