Thursday, 28 March 2019

Castello Urseno 69 (Catania – Sicily, Italy)

After waking up the first thing we needed to do was to find breakfast. We didn’t have to walk far to find a small green grocer and a bakery to buy what we needed to make breakfast. I had already found the grater in the flat’s kitchen that I’ll use to make the hash browns. Barbara worked on cutting up the bread, cheese, avocado, and fruit to accompany the hash browns and eggs.

We have no plans this morning. We started off by walking down a street when we came upon an open market with many booths that offered all sorts of produce, meat, cheese and most anything else you could think of. I suppose if we had walked down this street earlier we could have purchased what we needed here, but we did okay for not knowing where we were.

There was a very large basilica down the next street that looked interesting. We stopped in at a travel office and asked questions about visiting Mt. Eta. There we discovered there was an even bigger market further down the street. Along the way we stopped off and ordered glasses of red orange juice. So very good!

We found a huge and very old wisteria climbing far up the side of a building. The trunk of the wisteria was so large I couldn’t think about putting my arms around it. So beautiful and fragrant too. Of course we took pictures.

We eventually found the other market but they were getting ready to call it a day and most booths were packing up. While we rested at the far end of the market a produce guy gave us samples of yams to try. I’ve never had a raw yam. Was tasty, though I’m probably not going to make a habit of eating raw yams.

We just kept walking around, stopped in at a bakery and bought more bread, ate gelato, visited the Castania port, bought red oranges from a street vendor, poked our noses into a souvenir shop. Just before we arrived at the flat Barbara went into a clothing store for infants and toddlers and bought some items for her new grandchild that is due later in the year. We also bought a bottle of red wine from a shop across the street that we enjoyed after we got settled back in the flat. We had been walking around for nearly five hours.

After a long nap, I was getting ready for dinner. We both were. We didn’t have to walk far for dinner. The place where we’re eating is only 50 feet from our doorway. What a great dinner. Not a large place but the service and food were excellent. After dinner we went on a short walk. It looks like we’re staying in a hipster kind of neighborhood. Interesting restaurants and bars close by.

As we started getting ready to call it a night we could hear music, somewhat loud, coming into the flat. It eventually stopped at around midnight. We’re wondering if we will hear it again tonight.

No plans for tomorrow. Probably visit the nearby castle and perhaps some churches. Maybe walk near the harbor. We’ll see.

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