Wednesday, 27 March 2019

127 The Strand (Gzira, Malta)

We woke to rain this morning, but it didn’t deter us from going to Valletta. It was very damp with light rain as we walked from the flat to the Sliema Ferry that will take us over to Valletta, the capital of Malta across the harbor from us. 2.80 Euro is the fare from Sliema to Valletta and back.

Our first stop was a visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. We can easily see its dome from across the harbor. I tried to take a picture of the dome from inside the church but couldn’t get it all in one picture. Everywhere you looked inside was marble.

Though Barbara made a large fruit salad for our breakfast, we were getting hungry. We walked up the street from the Basilica and found a number of restaurants. Difficult to decide which one might serve a good lunch for us. Barbara walked into a nearby dress shop and asked for a recommendation. Without any hesitation the shopkeeper said the pasta restaurant, Pastaus, across the street would be our best choice.

At this restaurant we had our choice of pasta and sauce. The pasta was all hand-made and was brought out to us after we sat down. As we finished our pasta meal we started talking with the couple next to us. They were from Canada and had just arrived on a cruise ship I saw earlier from the flat. We sat and talked for quite a while before we got up to see more of Valletta.

There were a few shops nearby that offered potential desserts, but we decided to move along down one of the main shopping streets. We came across a shop that served cannoli. We couldn’t resist and each had a small cannoli. My first cannoli ever and it was yummy!

Barbara had been looking for a local glass shop that featured hand-made decorative glass olive oil bottles. She bought two. One for a friend and one for her. I was looking at the variety of glass rabbits.

We continued walking around until we started to get wet and decided it was time to take the ferry back across the harbor. We still had to get ready for our flight to Catania, Sicily. Of course we stopped at our favorite place for gelato on our way back to the flat.

After I had a nap, we were ready to call for a taxi to the airport. Our flight was quick and easy to Catania, which is less than 200 miles from Malta. We ate a couple of small meat pastries that we picked up earlier while we waited for our flight. The taxi to our flat in Catania was expensive (30 Euro) but quick. Our host met us at the three bedroom flat we had found on Airbnb. It was a bit rustic, but very spacious with a large well-equipped kitchen.

It was nearly 10:00 by the time we were settled, but there was no food in the flat. Just a bottle of water in the refrigerator. Our host said we might be able to find a small grocery down the road. We found the store, but it only had a limited selection. There we found a few snacks, milk, and beer. That will have to do until morning.

After a beer and enjoying our snacks we were ready for bed. It was a long day. We have no definite plans for tomorrow. We’ll see what the weather is like and go from there.

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