Monday, 25 March 2019

127 The Strand (Gzira, Malta)

We were both up early so Barbara could arrive at the diving place at 8:30. I went along because I wanted to stop in at the supermarket near to where she was going to dive. As we found out yesterday, it was only a 20 minute walk away.

While she was diving, I bought potatoes, eggs, olive oil and a grater so I could make hash browns with a fried egg on top. When I returned to the flat I not only make two of these breakfast treats, I made another. Guess I was hungry. Barbara had a quick breakfast before she went for her dive.

Barbara returned at 1:00 and rested. I actually took a nap as well and we eventually went out for dinner. I guess we were still full from last night’s dinner and found some food items from a takeout place to have for dinner. The cost was a total of 4 Euros since each item at the takeout was only one Euro each. I ordered a macaroni and beef meal and I couldn’t even eat it all.

It was an early night for us and we will start touring tomorrow. Our idea is to visit the island of Gozo.

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