Sunday, 24 March 2019

127 The Strand (Gzira, Malta)

We got a late start this morning. After talking until after midnight last night we had both been tired. We did find food (pizza) later last night, because we really had nothing to eat in the flat. This morning we eventually we got ourselves ready to walk around this area of Malta.

I was thinking to explain, for those who don’t know, how do I know Barbara? She and I went to the same church in Oregon and became friends, then met up again when she visited her friend Mary in Scotland and invited me along. The three of us explored the Outer Hebrides, October 2017. Then got together when I visited Oregon this time last year. She reached out to me a few months ago to let me know that she was visiting Egypt in March and would I like to meet up in Malta.

Barbara also likes to scuba dive. She had made arrangements to go on a dive tomorrow and suggested we walk to where she was going to meet the dive organizers. And off we went. It wasn’t too far of a walk from the flat and were there in 20 minutes. We found the place where she’ll meet the diving team tomorrow. Right above was a restaurant that overlooked the west side of the island. Perfect place for lunch.

We enjoyed sitting outside for nearly two hours, eating our lunch and we also split a bottle of wine. What a great way to relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And that was our outing for the day. We walked back to the flat and I took a nap shortly after we walked in the door. It was after 5:00 when I woke from my nap.

About 8:00 we were getting hungry again and went down to the ground floor and walked up and down the street until we found a place for dinner. We both wanted pasta with seafood and found an Italian place that seemed popular with a menu that offered many pasta/seafood variations.

The restaurant was also popular with a number of Italians as well. There were two tables of Italians having a family dinner. We saw several courses delivered and the wine was flowing. The staff was super friendly and helped each of us find a main course that was just what we were looking for.

By the time we returned to the flat it was 10:00 and we talked some more before Barbara excused herself and went to bed. We’re planning to leave the flat at 8:00 tomorrow so she can meet the diving team at 8:30. Meanwhile, I’m planning to do a little grocery shopping at a place near where she will be diving. I’ve been looking forward to having my hash browns and fried egg breakfast while she is diving. Can hardly wait!

Not sure what else we will do tomorrow. Perhaps, later in the afternoon, take the ferry across the harbor to Valletta and walk around

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