Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Hilton Garden Inn (Lecce, Italy)

Was nice to have a Hilton breakfast this morning. They even had hash brown potatoes. I was a happy camper. Though I’m not camping in the junior suite where I’ll stay the next three nights. And I was able to connect my laptop with the TV so I could watch Netflix shows on a large screen rather than my laptop.

Today I walked into the old part of Lecce. I was very impressed with how much of the old city remains. Somewhat more than I found in Bari or Barletta. Found ancient ruins (mainly a 2nd century amphitheater) as well in Piazza Sant’Oronzo.

After walking around for a few hours, and it being after 2:30, I looked for a place to eat. Many places this time of day are closed and will reopen in the early evening. I came across a place that had just what I was looking for. Something to eat (mini sandwiches), a cappuccino, and a small dessert. The total cost was 6,20 Euro.

Feeling full I walked back to the hotel. Earlier I had noticed that there was a laundry facility in the hotel. When I went to wash my clothes the washer was being used. In the meantime I decided to visit the Japanese restaurant I saw earlier during my walk. Later I was able to wash and dry a load of clothes.

I was planning to travel to Santa Maria di Leuca tomorrow but I was having trouble confirming how to get there. The receptionist staff at the hotel said that it might be difficult to get there this time of year. They recommended taking a train to Otranto instead. I’m glad I consulted them. Now I just need to confirm what I’ll do Thursday and also to book a room for Friday night. Glad that I have the next month fully booked. Though, I haven’t finished working out the daily itinerary with Barb, but that will come together once I see her on Saturday. I did promise her that I’d find a place for her to scuba dive while in Malta, but I’ll have that worked out in the next couple of days.


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