Monday, 18 March 2019

Nicolaus Hotel (Bari, Italy)

Today is my last day in Bari. After breakfast, and a post-breakfast nap, I showered and then packed for my journey by train to Lecce. I got a good feel for the area while here and looking forward to exploring a new city.

I arrived at Bari Centrale very early. Not wanting to feel rushed when I arrived. The departure platform was shown on the departure screen so I was able to know where to be at 12:31. This gave me time to order a quick lunch (pizza and a cappuccino) before boarding the train. I posted a picture of my lunch on Instagram. I remember how people in the U.S. would comment about me eating pizza with a fork and knife. Well, in Italy, you use a fork and knife to cut the pizza then use you hands (optional) to eat the pizza. My picture showed the pizza with a fork and knife. And the cappuccino too.

After finishing with lunch I walked to the platform, aided by elevators, so I didn’t need to haul my suitcase up and down stairs. I was able to board the train early and get settled in before the train left the station.

Along the way I saw many groves of olive trees. Some of the olive trees looked very old and had huge trunks. Otherwise, there wasn’t much to see as I traveled from Bari to Lecce. We pulled into the Lecce station on time, and after I found a taxi, I soon found myself at the Hilton Garden Inn where I’ll stay for the next three nights.

Checking in couldn’t have been easier. Was delighted to find out that I was upgraded to a junior suite. I used some of my Hilton Honors points when I booked my stay and my cost per night is around 50 Euro (which includes breakfast). I’m going to have close to 200,000 points after my stay here. I’ll use these points later in April when I visit France.

After I got settled in my room I took a nap. Much more quiet here than in Bari. Think I slept for over an hour. After my nap I went to the lobby and asked where I might find an ATM. I found the ATM and also a small store nearby. I’ll order room service tonight. Just wanted to buy a snack for later and a small container of milk for my coffee that I’ll keep in the room’s mini-fridge.

Not sure what I’ll watch tonight. I finished all of the Star Trek episodes last night. I was up until 12:30 because I had to watch the final few episodes.

Tomorrow I’ll walk around Lecce and visit the historical part of the city. We’re not near the sea, but a little inland. While I’m here, I’ll take a train over to Taranto, then on Thursday I’ll either take a train to Gallipoli, Otanto or Leuca.

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