Thursday, 14 March 2019

Hilton Sorrento Palace (Sorrento, Italy)

I was up early this morning so I’d be ready to start my journey to Bari. As it turned out I didn’t have time for breakfast. I wanted to make sure I caught the train to Naples for Bari. The taxi from the hotel delivered me to the station with time to spare.

Glad I added in slack time at the central train station in Naples to catch the first leg of my trip to Bari. It was a long walk to the platform where the train was to depart from. This train took me to nearby Caserta where I caught the final leg to Bari.

Though I upgraded (only 10 Euro more) to first class, it was well worth it. There were only four of us in our carriage and I had plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the nearly four hour trip. The four of us kept our coats on because there wasn’t much heat. We also didn’t receive any free beverages or snacks. In any case, it was a good ride and I enjoyed watching the Italian scenery out the window. So many farms. I saw many groves of olive trees and vineyards too.

It was a little after 2:00 when our train pulled into the Bari station. I immediately looked for a place to have a meal. I quickly found a small cafe and ordered a large slice of pizza and water. I was very hungry.

The cab ride to the hotel was only 10 Euro, which I thought was a good price. The hotel is very nice, but not a Hilton. (Guess I’m a little spoiled.) The room is good-sized, neat and clean. And I’m on the 8th floor and hear very little traffic.

Tonight I’ll watch more of Star Trek Discovery then get some sleep so I’ll be rested tomorrow. Think I’ll wander around Bari’s old town and then arrange for a couple of excursions to nearby towns over the next couple of days.

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