Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Hilton Sorrento Palace (Sorrento, Italy)

I told myself before I went to sleep last night that tomorrow was going to be a great day for a bus trip to Amalfi. What I saw when I opened the curtains this morning was a blue sky with a few wisps of clouds. The forecast did call for overcast skies so I decided to leave for Amalfi right after breakfast.

I was on my way to Amalfi by 9:30. I had been warned that the bus would be navigating narrow roads that hug the rocky cliffs. If you’re afraid of heights, this trip isn’t for you, unless you sit on side of the bus that doesn’t have a view, which would be a shame. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw for the next hour or so. Blue skies, deep blue water, rocky cliffs with an occasional town or village along the way. So many homes built up against the hills. I had read that the Amalfi Coast road is world famous for the views. I couldn’t agree more.

When we arrived in Amalfi I needed to use the restroom. Too much coffee before boarding the bus. I then looked around and decided that I’d walk the length of the town along the water’s edge. Most everything up from the main road looked like homes. Though there was a church way up on the tallest hill. (Not going to happen.) In any case, I got a good walk in before finding a cafe where I could enjoy a cappuccino and a couple of muffins. I really wasn’t that hungry and was satisfied with what I had.

I sat at the cafe for the better part of an hour then decided that there wasn’t much more to see. This is where a traveling companion would be nice to have. To talk, drink coffee and look out at the beautiful coast. When I thought it was time to leave Amalfi I found where the buses depart and asked which one would take me back to Sorrento. I think he misunderstood what I said. After the bus left the station I noticed that we were not headed in the right direction. Rather than Sorrento, the bus was on its way to Salerno. I got off at the first stop, walked across the road and waited for a bus to take me back to Amalfi.

I had about a half hour wait before the Amalfi bus arrived. The ride to the next town did show me more of the Amalfi Coast, which was nice. I guess it wasn’t time for me to leave the area. I suppose I could have double checked the name of the bus to make sure it said Sorrento, but I trusted the bus company guy to get me on the right bus. I was in no rush to get back and it gave me time to visit another town.

When the bus arrived in Amalfi, I found the Sorrento bus just before it was time for it to leave Amalfi. Good timing! I was also able to sit on the side of the bus that overlooked the coast. I was almost a whole new view looking at it from a different direction. I didn’t take any more pictures along the way. Think I took enough earlier.

As we approached Sorrento the clouds were getting dark and I expect we should get some rain later in the evening. I walked quickly back to the hotel. Not because I was afraid of getting caught in a rain shower, but I had to use a restroom. Probably due to the cappuccino I drank earlier.

I’ll book a train ticket to Bari tonight, just so I have that out of the way. Then will watch a couple of episodes of Star Trek Discovery. I texted Scott to see where he was in getting caught up with me. He is already on the second season. He should be caught up by the time the next episode airs in a couple of days.

I expect to be up early tomorrow morning to catch the train to Naples, then from there, the train to Bari. I’m already planning what I’ll see around Bari. I’m looking forward to visiting the eastern coast of Italy and into the “heel” of Italy as well. I may try to visit San Marino, an independent state within Italy. As I say, “We shall see.”

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