Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Hilton Sorrento Palace (Sorrento, Italy)

I was wide awake by 6:00 this morning and ready for breakfast. I made myself a cup of instant coffee in the room and enjoyed it while I got ready for breakfast. While I was getting ready I noticed that the top portion of Mount Vesuvius received snow last night.

As it turned out I was the first person in the dining room this morning. If I wait until 8:00, the room is very busy. The hotel staff now know me by name and are familiar with my preferences. They no longer ask for my room number. I like that.

Of course, when I got back to my room I fell asleep again and didn’t fully wake up until noon. After I got ready and did more travel research I headed out for another walk around Sorrento. I wanted to walk down the street again with the small market stalls. While in this market area I picked up a prosciutto and cheese sandwich for dinner then ate at the nice (and very popular) restaurant next to the center of the town square. Lasagna (Napoli style) was on the menu and decided to try that. When I tasted it I wanted more, but I was already very full.

The day was mostly sunny with a slight breeze. Perhaps today would have been better to visit Amalfi. Well, too late now. I’ll stay with my plan to travel there tomorrow.

After another nap this evening I decided to get caught up on my travel blog then will watch a few more episodes of Star Trek Discovery before bedtime. I should note here that I’m sleeping much better now (and have been for over a month) and my back is almost normal again.


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