Sunday, 10 March 2019

Hilton Sorrento Palace (Sorrento, Italy)

The weather was turning a bit “iffy” as I got ready to leave for Capri. The forecast called for mostly sunny, but it now was mostly cloudy. Being from Oregon I’m used to these weather-related events. My Oregon weather motto has been, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” This has served me well as I have traveled.

My front desk “travel agent” told me that the elevator to the ferry dock was now working. I took a picture and posted on Instagram today on how far the port was below the level of the city of Sorrento. That would be a lot of stairs to climb after I return from Sorrento. Now, I just need to get down to the dock, purchase my ticket for the ferry and make the journey.

As I boarded the ferry I noticed that most of the other passengers were from China. Which isn’t a bad thing, but I had no idea how much the “selfie” has taken over. It looked like they were having a great time taking pictures of themselves and their family and friends during the 20 minute trip to Capri.

As we pulled into the Capri harbor I tried to imagine what it would look like in sunny weather. Regardless of the cloudy weather, it was still a beautiful place. A somewhat small town against a mountain and next to very blue waters. It must be a visual paradise for those who live here.

The main attractions here are to ride up to the nearby mountain to enjoy the view, shop and eat, or take a ride around the island and visit the blue grotto along the way. Right now, I thought the best way to enjoy Capri was to have an excellent Italian meal. Which I did.

I Googled the best restaurants in Capri and found one that consistently scored top marks. I ordered a Capri ravioli dish. It was absolutely amazing. I used the bread that was brought with the order to soak up the sauce used with the ravioli. I was beyond full as I got up from the table.

From there I walked back to the dock and took the next ferry back to Sorrento. I did walk through a few shops while I was there, but there wasn’t much that was of interest. But I’m glad to have made the trip out to the island.

Seeing Sorrento as we pulled into the port really gave me another perspective of the town. I’m so glad that I decided to stay here for a week. I wonder if the people who live here know what a special place it is.

I picked up a sandwich as I walked back to the hotel. I ordered a prosciutto with cheese. I didn’t specify the bread or the cheese. The shop owner who made the sandwich knew what bread and cheese to use. I liked that. Later, when I ate the sandwich, it was perfect.

Tonight I watched “First Man”, a movie about Neil Armstrong. “Three Coins in a Fountain” was not available to stream. It brought back memories of watching the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions before Apollo 11. The four of us (Dad, Mom, my brother Rick and me) watched the landing and the first steps that July afternoon. Only 9 years after Kennedy set the goal to have a man on the moon by the end of the decade. That is what I miss about growing up in the U.S. A willingness to work together, regardless of political differences.

I’m not sure if I will do any touring tomorrow. Depends on the weather. Wind and rain are in the forecast. There is some planning I still need to do for when I meet up with Barb in less than two weeks (she lands today in Cairo) and also when my brother and niece arrive in Paris in May. I also need to mail my tax return.

Think I’m getting better about not having everything planned out. I’m now comfortable with planning as I go. It has worked well for the last three years. I’ll see what tomorrow brings and go from there.

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