Sunday, 3 March 2019

Hilton Garden Inn (Rome, Italy)

Today after my Hilton breakfast and a post-breakfast nap, I wasn’t sure what to visit. So many options. I decided to play travel roulette. I Google “Rome Attractions” and then go through the pictures and whichever one catches my interest, that I where I’m going. Today the lucky winner was Piazza del Popolo.

I was in Piazza del Popolo while on my Segway tour a few days ago, but it was getting dark back then and knew I wanted to return. Well, today was the day and the weather is gorgeous. Nearly 70F and sunny. Today I went there by tram and it was a much smoother ride than the bus.

I took a picture of the massive gate into the piazza and then another of the Egyptian obelisk. The obelisk picture I sent to Hussein to let him know that I found another obelisk that was taken from Egypt. Then decided it was time to have a gelato. I found a gelato shop just a few steps from the piazza and ordered a coffee and dark chocolate gelato. Excellent! It was about lunch time and not too surprisingly I wasn’t hungry after eating the gelato.

From the piazza I walked over to the Spanish Steps. Again, this location was on the earlier Segway tour and now it was a perfect day to see it in full daylight. I sat on the steps and people watched for quite awhile. I was planning to be at the restaurant that originated Fettuccine Alfredo at 6:00 p.m., but it was too early. I noticed it was located a short walk from the Tiber, which I hadn’t crossed as of today. So that is where I’ll go next.

After I crossed a bridge over the Tiber, was nice to wander around and admire the architecture and people who were enjoying the late afternoon. On the way to the restaurant I was fortunate to cross one of the bridges across the Tiber and caught a picture of the river and St. Peter’s in the background. Perfect timing!

When I arrived at the restaurant shortly after it opened I asked if they had a table for one. The place was virtually empty. I was told that the place was totally booked and there wasn’t a table for me. I was floored! My interest in their famous fettuccine vanished. From there I decided to go back to the hotel and find something to eat in hotel’s neighborhood. Sometimes plans change and a simple dinner is fine with me.

To return to the hotel I quickly found the correct place to catch a #53 bus that drops me off in front of the hotel. Nice! My usual place for take out dinner was closed because it was Sunday night. Many places are closed on Sunday in Rome and would imagine most places in Italy. Plan B was another restaurant just down the street where I ordered a sandwich before. Tonight I ordered two different sandwich halves and the total cost was 5 Euro.

Took a few great pictures today and posted them to Instagram and wrote today’s blog. I usually write the previous day’s blog the day after but now I’m trying to keep a bit more current.

I know that I’m doing laundry tomorrow. But I’m also planning to book tours of Vatican City and the Colosseum tonight. Not sure if I’ll be able to join any tours tomorrow. I’ll wait and see. I still have three more days in Rome so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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