Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Hilton Dead Sea Hotel and Spa (Dead Sea, Jordan)

I slept so well last night! Being in a place where there is no noise distractions from the outside and in a super comfortable bed helped. Perhaps not getting a full night’s sleep the night before had something to do with it as well? In any case, I woke up fully rested.

The first item on my agenda this morning was to go down and have a wonderful Hilton breakfast. When I arrived, I didn’t see my scrambled eggs, bacon and the rest of the items I usually see. One of the Hilton staff presented me with a card where I could order what type of eggs I wanted. Surprisingly, I ordered a cheese and onion omelet instead of scrambled eggs. When the dish arrived at my table, I saw that it came with bacon and the traditional triangle-shaped hash brown. Very enjoyable!

Of course I returned to my room and napped. When I woke I got ready for my mud spa treatment and a dip in the Dead Sea. I had purchased swimming trunks in the hotel gift shop yesterday and put on a robe and walked to the beach. When I got there I admitted to the guys down there that this was my first time and they made sure that I was well taken care of.

First, one of the guys lead me down to the sea and helped me into the water. The water wasn’t cold, but not warm. I just sat back and I was floating. After about five minutes I was bored just laying there but stayed in another five minutes before I got up and walked to shore.

I was escorted to the place where they apply the therapeutic mud along with a nice massage, and then was asked to sit there for 15 minutes so the mud could dry. I watched a couple with their two small children trying to get them to enjoy the experience. The kids weren’t having any of it. Mud? No way! (I actually identified with the kids.)

Once the mud was dry I returned to the sea and took another dip. I washed as much of the mud from me and then soaked a bit longer. I must have had some mud in my eye and it was very uncomfortable but it helped pass the time while I was laying there. (Was thinking about the saying, “Here’s mud in your eye!”) Haha

One of the guys took pictures of me floating in the sea and with me with my therapeutic mud. I only posted the one of me floating in the sea on Facebook. The picture of me with mud on me looked like I was trying to do blackface, perhaps auditioning for a minstrel show, and knowing of the current controversy, I decided to not include the picture on Facebook, but did post it on Instagram.

When I was walking back to my room I was getting very tired. They recommended that I lay down after the last of my mud was sprayed off of me, but I preferred not to lay in the sun. On the way back, I had to hold on a few times because I felt like passing out. (I should have listened to the guys at the beach.)

I made it back to my room and was napping fairly soon after taking a shower to make sure that I didn’t have any remaining mud on me. I’ll go in for another treatment when I return to the hotel after my stay in Petra. Now that I know and understand the routine I can enjoy myself more than the first time. I’m sure of it!

I woke up a couple of hours later. Was still kind of dazed and thought it was morning. Did I miss my ride to Petra?!? At a little after 6:00 I went down for wine and canapes in the Executive Lounge. There was an unknown selection of canapes since the person who was tending the selection didn’t know enough English words to tell me what they were. I picked up one or two of each, and with my glass of wine, walked over to a table and enjoyed my small meal.

Tomorrow I leave for Petra. My driver will pick me up at the hotel at 8:00 a.m. (after I’ve had my Hilton breakfast) and we will be together for the next three hours.

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