Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Larnaca, Cyprus (Nicolaides Sea View City)

I’m certainly getting caught up on sleep. While I still wake up a couple of times at night I seem to be able to go back to sleep just fine. Also, I’m having great dreams and actually remembering them the next day. So I’m not sure what brought on this change with my sleeping habits or dreaming, but I’m okay with it.

I’ve been doing more research on the history and layout of Jerusalem. This isn’t an ordinary city, given it being a special place for several religions. Given this, I figured I’d better get a handle on the city’s history before I arrive. I’m starting by looking at maps and watching YouTube videos from people who walk the viewer through the streets and explaining this history and traditions. Very helpful so far. I’m also looking at various tours that go outside of Jerusalem, perhaps to Bethlehem.

I’ve also been working on my taxes and have one more 1099 to enter then I’m done. I’m also researching on how much I can make if I decide to work at some point. If I make too much before I reach my retirement age, it could affect how much I receive from Social Security.

Another matter I would like to resolve before leaving Cyprus is my Medicare coverage. I’ve met once over the phone with my insurance agent who sent me some coverage options and have also spoken with the Medicare people. The issue is with Part B and when to start it. What happens if I delay until next year? To pay (as a deduction from my monthly Social Security payment) $135.50 per month for coverage I’ll not use this year ($1,626 annually) is something worth thinking about. For a comparison, I found an organization who did a study on the out-of-pocket cost for a laparoscopic appendectomy in the U.K. vs. the cost in the U.S. The difference is startling. The average cost in the U.K. is $2,205 and the average cost in the U.S. is $33,000. I’ll make my final decision tomorrow after I speak with my insurance person.

On the fun side, I’m looking into booking a spot on the Queen Mary 2 from Southampton, England to New York City in October 2020. I can expect to spend anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500, depending on the room I select. Yikes! I could spend more, but I don’t need to stay in a first class cabin. Anyway, something fun to think about.

My latest binge watching effort is all of the X-Men movies. Some are a little violent, but I can fast forward through those parts. I like shows that has people working together for a common cause. Another show I’m thinking about watching is Twilight Zone, the early episodes. But first, I have places to visit while in Israel, Jordan and Lebanon – so I might not have the time for much TV watching.

My next blog update will probably be Friday or Saturday, after I arrive in Jerusalem. As Friday approaches, when I leave Cyprus, I get more exited. A whole new part of the world that I’m going to explore! I just found out that Jerusalem has Segway tours!


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