Friday, 18 January 2019

Larnaca, Cyprus (Nicolaides Sea View City) 

It has been an interesting, though restful, week in Larnaca. Thankfully I only have a few more days of my Efudix treatment (topical treatment of superficial pre-malignant basal cell carcinoma). I keep forgetting how painful and irritating it can be – and that it affects how food tastes. Once I stop applying the lotion, the side affects start to go away. 

I’m beginning to get used to the construction of a new building which can be noisy at times. The construction is only a block away. Putting in ear plugs helps ensure I get my required naps in each day. I used the ear plugs to help sleeping through the big multi-day gale-force wind storm that brought 50 mph winds a few days ago. I brought in some of the furniture from the balcony because it was starting to move around and was concerned it might get picked up and land in the street below.  

I’ve been working on my travel plans for visiting Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon – starting February 8th. After I booked my flight I realized that I was getting into Tel Aviv just hours before the start of the Jewish sabbath. Visitors to Jerusalem fly into Tel Aviv and then take public transportation into Jerusalem. I have my Airbnb place reserved for four nights. I’m now planning my stay in Amman and Petra (Jordan) and then will book travel to Beirut. Getting from one country to another is not as easy as it is in Europe. I’ll document the constraints in a future posting.

Today (the 18th) was a difficult day for me. I was having problems with staying awake and not feeling well. I managed to walk to the store and back but was completely exhausted when I got back to the flat. Today (the 19th) as I’m writing this post, I’m feeling much better. 

Since I arrived in Larnaca I’ve been waking up each morning to view the sunrise (around 5:30 a.m.). Except for the two mornings when we had the wind and rain, every day since I’ve been here I’ve enjoyed brilliant sunrises. The sunsets are enjoyable as well, but there is something about watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean that makes it a little more special. 

I roasted another chicken, but this time I made chicken soup from the leftovers. For a changed I added corn, cut from the cob, and cut-up string beans to the soup which adds a little more flavor and texture. I’ve also been making for breakfast hash browns, cooked in olive oil, then make two fried eggs that I place on top of the hash browns. This pretty much keeps me full until dinner time. To make the hash browns, I grate one medium potato, drop the grated potato (no rinsing or squeezing out the potato juice) into the heated oil, and it makes two hash browns. Quick, easy and yummy. 

I’ve been working on a travel schedule with my friend Barbara who will be joining me on Malta on the 23rd of March then we will travel to Sicily for a few days before she returns to the U.S. on the 2nd of April. I’ll return to Malta and stay for a few weeks before traveling on to France. I’m thinking about visiting Hussein in Cairo after Beirut, then will go to Rome after that.

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