Thursday, 3 January 2019

London, England (49 Theseus Walk)

I’m finally feeling back to 100% after having a mild cold for the past few days. Nothing major, just a stuffy nose and a tickle in my throat. Drank plenty of orange juice and several cups of tea with plenty of rest and it was over and done with. Only have taken a few Sudafed to clear things up during the healing process. 

Yesterday, on my way to the grocery store, I picked up the prescription for Efudix that I’ll begin to apply once I’m in Cyprus. The cost for this one tube cost $250 when I picked up the prescription at the OHSU pharmacy last March. At Boots Pharmacy, the cost was $60. Gives me a good idea how much more expensive drugs are in the U.S. than anywhere else. (No, I didn’t use insurance to pay for either prescription.) Something to keep in mind as I decide where to live.

The sun hasn’t appeared as mentioned in the last weather forecast, but I’ll wait for it. Would be nice to have some sunlight come through the windows to warm this flat. Yes, it has been a week since I walked in the door and discovered that I had no heat. Thankfully the flat isn’t ice-cold like it is outside. Must be the neighbors, with their heat, that is keeping this flat from becoming a refrigerator. Continued promises from the management company that acts on behalf of the flat’s owner. Yes, they hear from me once or twice a day. I’ve been working on options for being reimbursed for the lack of heat. 

Today I have been planning my trip to Israel, Jordan and Lebanon. Glad I’m starting the planning process early for this side trip. Many things to consider for these three countries. Being next to Syria is a consideration but I’m not concerned and won’t let myself be consumed by fear as I make my plans. Yes, I’ll be careful.

An ongoing concern that I haven’t addressed is the possibility of overstaying my welcome in the U.K. I can stay for a total of six months out of every 12 months. I’m okay this year, but my plans for next year are pushing the legal limit. Was a relief to find out that there is a 30-day grace period on the contingency that I have my own travel booked to leave the U.K. within that time, which I am. A possible penalty is that I won’t be able to return to the U.K. for a year. That, I would like to avoid.

Still doing well with my new food program. (I’m trying to avoid the word “diet”.) My refrigerator is stocked with a variety of vegetables, chicken, and good foods that will be good for achieving my weight goals and lowering my cholesterol. Still no bread with butter and honey. The toaster is still on the counter and hasn’t been used.

I’ll look forward to having heat restored tomorrow (fingers crossed) and a walk in the sunshine. I’ll be optimistic about both and see what happens.

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