Tuesday, 1 January 2019

London, England (49 Theseus Walk)

My first post of 2019! I usually write my post the day after the date at the top of the post, but today I’m posting as it is still New Years Day here in London. 

I’m still without heat in the flat due to a thermostat that doesn’t work and hope to have it repaired by tomorrow. The temperature in the flat is cool but tolerable. I turn on the oven to warm the kitchen and lounge area where I spend most of my time. 

I’ve been going out for walks every day and continue to explore the Islington / Angel area of London. I’ve been following my diet plan to get my cholesterol in line and take off a few pounds. No more toast with butter or McDonald’s! Now eating more fish. Once I get to Cyprus I’ll have more fish options (not from fish farms) to select from.

Last night I wanted to hear Big Ben again, which now only strikes on New Years while the clock and tower are being restored. I passed by Buckingham Palace and took a few pictures before walking down the Birds Walk to Westminster. I only got within a few blocks of Big Ben but as it became midnight I couldn’t hear the bells because of the fireworks, helicopters, and the noise from the crowd. At least I made an effort. Saw a little of the fireworks before heading back to my flat.

Getting home was a challenge due to the several 100K of people who were in the same area. I finally had to walk nearly a half mile away before I could arrange for a ride back via Uber. Took me over two hours to return to the flat. 

Today I’m enjoying New Years greetings from around the world from the comfort of my semi-warm flat. Yesterday I managed to outline a tentative travel schedule that I’ll include below. I’m looking forward to meeting up with Barb and will tour Sicily and Malta with her in March, In May my brother, my nieces and her son will join me in Paris and perhaps I’ll be visited by Paula when I’m in Glasgow in August. Maybe will see Moly and Ori in Germany too, but haven’t spoken with them about what dates would be convenient. 

Planned travel for 2019 (some dates and locations are tentative):

London: Until January 8
Larnaca, Cyprus: Jan. 8 – Feb. 8
Israel, Jordan, Lebanon: Feb. 8 – Feb. 22
Southern Italy (various): Feb. 22 – March 22
Sicily & Malta: March 22 – April 30
Southern France (various): April 30 – May 12
Paris (Family Visit): May 12 – May 18
London: May 18 – June 1
June & July: Edinburgh, Scotland
August 1 – August 15: Western Scotland
August 15 – August 31: London
Sept, Oct, & Nov: Ireland (Various locations), Germany?
December: London/Wales

Thinking ahead, I’ll visit Oregon later in 2020. Will I return to Europe after my Oregon visit? Not sure at this time.

I’m enjoying Instagram to show my travel pictures. Finding it much easier to post pictures than my previous options. 

Sunny weather is expected for the next few days, though a little colder. I can safely predict more walking is defiantly in the forecast.  


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