Friday, 21 December 2018

London, England (Kensington Hilton, Holland Park) 

Csabi and I went shopping at Westfield Thursday morning before before he returned to Milton Keynes. We also had time for a cup of tea as well. Not sure if I’ll see him again before I leave London. He is traveling to Hungary just after Christmas and returning after I leave for Cyprus. 

The only other thing I did on Thursday was to pick up some pants from the dry cleaners. When I got to the cleaners I didn’t have my ticket so we had to look through the rack to find my pants. Almost took home the wrong pair since there was another pair hanging next to mine, same color, and also corduroy purchased at M&S. 

I slept most of the rest of the day because I didn’t get much sleep the night before. But I try to put the awake time to good use by doing travel research. Still, it is frustrating. I can easily fall asleep when taking a nap, but when I plan to sleep at night, it is off and on. 

On Friday I was busy either on the phone or texting. Spoke with Cousin Donna to wish her a Merry Christmas. She is busy with her family who are visiting her and also doctor appointments (nothing major). Then texted a friend who I’m giving my American air miles to because I won’t use them. And heard from Hussein who has been busy with a commitment with the Egyptian army for the past couple of months. Also resolved a couple of financial matters. Contacted GWR to see if I could change my ticket for when I travel to Wales on Sunday so I can travel earlier. I got the okay to use my ticket for an earlier train and Prean said that would be a good idea.  

Later in the evening I decided to see the new Mary Poppins movie. I’ve heard some mixed reviews so I had to see the picture and see for myself. Again I went to the wrong theater because both are named almost the same. One theater is outside Westfield and the other is inside. I had the same confusion with the Lloyd Center cinemas. I arrived the correct theater just as the movie started. I liked this version of Mary Poppins but it doesn’t come close to the original. 

Tomorrow I’ll get ready for my trip to Wales and for staying at the Airbnb when I return to London from Wales on the 26th.

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