Saturday, 15 December 2018

London, England (Kensington Hilton, Holland Park) 

I’m not keeping up with my travel blog like I intended to after arriving in London. Not that I’ve been super busy while I’m here, so have no excuse. I’ve been having problems getting a good night’s sleep and waking up several times at night seems to be getting worse. It could be a result of not working out regularly like I was in Edinburgh. 

On Friday I intended to tour Tower Bridge, but I received a text from Prean and Viktor to meet for afternoon tea. I was actually at Tower Bridge when I got the text so I got back on the underground and rode over to Sloane Square where we were to meet. I’ll do the tour another day.

I arrived at Sloane Square early so I walked through Peter Jones, a large department store next to the square. I bought a new charger for my phone while there. Also took a picture of the decorations in the store’s atrium. The store reminds me of the old Meier & Frank in Portland. 

Was good catching up with Prean and Viktor. We settled on our plans for Christmas at their place in Wales. Just need to get travel plans together, which we will do over the next few days. We’re planning to meet up again on Sunday to discuss more of the details. 

The weather is still very cold and by the time we finished our visit it was dark. I went back to my hotel room and “hibernated” for the evening. 

On Saturday the weather was miserable. Cold, rain, and wind. I had an idea of taking the underground to Ealing Broadway and visiting the small shopping center there. I was there a few months ago to buy my new laptop and thought the area looked interesting. Just another slice of London. I had tea and yogurt at a Starbucks before I walked over to the local mall. I wasn’t there for more than 30 minutes, and because of the weather, I left to return to the hotel. 

I’ve been reading up on diet and cholesterol. I’ve been eating tuna or chicken sandwiches, almonds and Brazil nuts, bananas, anything with avocado, and avoiding beef. No McDonald’s and no buttered toast. In any case I’m not going to starve myself, just eat better. I’ve not been doing a good job getting enough fruits and vegetables. 

Tomorrow I’m meeting Prean and Viktor for a late lunch. The weather is expected to be a little warmer and no rain.

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