Wednesday, 24 October 2018

London, England (18-20 Creechurch Lane)

Today Csabi arrives from Milton-Keynes. I arrived the station about 10 minutes before his train pulled in. Was good to see him again. I hadn’t seen him since July when I visited him in Milton-Keynes. His English keeps getting better each time I see him.

From the train station we walked to a nearby Costa Coffee and talked while drinking our coffee. We then walked to Soho, which is a 30 minute walk. Along the way I saw a place that takes passport photos and went in to see about getting mine taken. I still need to get a new passport by the time I leave the U.K. It took about 15 minutes, but I left with two pictures. We each read the instructions for U.S. passport photos before I paid. While there I took a picture of Csabi for his U.S. lottery application using the same background screen. Csabi is applying again for the lottery which gives people living outside the U.S. an opportunity to emigrate there and start their careers in a new country and possibly become a U.S. citizen.

By this time we were both hungry and I asked if we could have Chinese food. Csabi said he was up for it and we went to my favorite place, Joy King Lau. We had a very full lunch and needed to walk it off. We walked over to Piccadilly where I wanted to see Fornum & Mason once again. I was fascinated by the place.

I was getting tired and asked if we could return to the flat. I had hoped that we could meet up with Prean and Viktor while we were out and about, but they were finishing up with an event and wouldn’t be available until later.

We didn’t hear back from Prean and Viktor until later and by then it was too late to venture out. Csabi and I went to a nearby store and bought a couple of sandwiches for dinner. We were still full from our late lunch.

We sat around and talked and started to watch a movie but Csabi was ready for sleep. It was probably a good time to call it a night. Tomorrow I leave for Edinburgh and still needed to pack and get the place in good shape before leaving. I’m so looking forward to being up in Edinburgh. (Something that I’ve been saying for the last few months.)

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