Thursday, 25 October 2018

London, England (18-20 Creechurch Lane)

The day has arrived. I’ll be in Edinburgh by late afternoon. But first I need to get packed and the place cleaned before we can leave for the train station. Csabi said my train stops at Milton Keynes on the way to Edinburgh and we planned to ride together at least until then. It wasn’t until we were close to getting on the train when I realized that I had booked a first class ticket. Csabi’s ticket was economy. Oh well, it was a good idea.

We were slightly delayed because there was a accident on the line further up. Someone got hit by a train. I didn’t ask if it was a fatality. We eventually got going about 10 minutes late. Csabi got off at his stop but I didn’t see him before the train pulled out of the station. He said he would try to visit me in Edinburgh.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful for me. Though some of the passengers had to get off at one station because our train was rerouted as a result of the earlier accident. I kept busy playing Hearts on my phone while I was served breakfast then lunch. All beverages were free too. By the time I reached Edinburgh I was full.

Was good to see my host Donna, her husband Adrien and their new baby, Emily. They were waiting for me at the flat. They had the floors refinished and painted the walls. I thought what they had was fine. They brought me my stock pot and baking pan, which they kept for me since last year. We had a good time catching up. I asked if they were going to teach Emily both English and French. Adrien, who is originally from France, said he has been trying. But Emily is only four months old. Guess it is too early to tell until she starts to speak.

The first thing I did was to go to the nearby store then take a nap. Would be nice if I could sleep on planes and trains. I had a good sleep then got up and started to unpack. I’ll be here for three weeks and then move to their other flat which is somewhat nearby.

Later I cooked  a chicken breast on the stove and also made mashed potatoes. Then watched more of Salvation. I probably stayed up longer than planned, but I didn’t care very much. I was enjoying the quiet of Edinburgh and I’m sure I’ll get a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow I’m planning to re-join the gym I have belonged to for the past two years, more grocery shopping and cooking a Cottage Pie. The weather is supposed to be mostly sunny. The expected high will be in the low 50’s. Perfect for me!

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