Sunday, 21 October 2018

London, England (18-20 Creechurch Lane)

I thought I’d enjoy a quiet Sunday morning when at 8:00 a.m. construction or renovation began nearby. Really? On a Sunday morning? Welcome to London! Another city that never sleeps. Trash is picked up at around 3:00 and the street sweepers are either before or after that. Then people returning from some late night partying can occasionally be heard as well.

In the afternoon I walked around the neighborhood and took a few pictures. I’m trying to get to know this area better. The only time I visit the Tower Hill area is when I visit the Tower of London. This area now has many of the high-rise office buildings in London. Mostly finance-related. Including the “Gherkin” and the “Walkie Talkie”. Two iconic buildings near my flat. And more are under construction.

Today I walked a different route to the Tower Bridge area. Was a beautiful, yet cool, sunny day. Many people were out with friends and family to enjoy the sunshine. Aldgate, a defined neighborhood within Tower Hill, is nearby which is where a Roman gate once stood until 1761. This area is part of old London and the streets follow the old roads. Easy to get turned around while walking.

When I returned to the flat the construction noise had stopped and it was a good time for a nap.

Seemed that Sunday evening was a good time to get caught up with friends and was texting most of the evening. Spoke with Hussein who said the army called him up to put in 10 days training in Cairo. He was leaving by train at 1:00 a.m. In Egypt, if you are summoned, you are expected to be there. No excuses.

Glad I’m leaving time during this visit to relax and explore this part of the city when I feel like it. Think I’m getting settled in and even getting used to the new sounds. Tomorrow is Monday and people will be returning to their jobs, so the energy of the neighborhood will be much different.

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