Saturday, 20 October 2018

London, England (18-20 Creechurch Lane)

After getting a fairly good sleep, I called building maintenance to see what they could do about fixing a few items today, especially the heating. Fortunately there was a space heater that I could use to heat part of the flat.

For breakfast I ate the leftover food from last night’s dinner. I was too lazy to go to the store, plus I wanted to wait here for the maintenance guy. In the meantime I discovered that the garbage disposal didn’t work.

The maintenance guy showed up a little after 1:00 and I showed him what I found to be fixed. I asked that he work on the heating first. He discovered that all of the heating registers had been turned off. Then, neither of us could find the switch to turn on the garbage disposal so I said that could wait. I’m accustomed to not having one. He fixed the lights in the bedroom. One light’s bulb was partially unscrewed and the other’s bulb had burned out. He couldn’t do anything about the elevator.

Later I walked around the neighborhood then went to the store to pick up some food supplies. Then managed to take an afternoon nap.

Later I posted an update to the travel blog. Uploading pictures didn’t go well, not sure what was going on there. But I eventually got them all uploaded. There are so many little things I will work on when I get to Edinburgh. I’m not able to concentrate on them now.

Before bed I hooked up my laptop to the TV and watched a few shows. Watching TV makes me tired, or perhaps I just get bored and then I get tired. In any case, I didn’t stay up too late. I’ll probably walk around some more tomorrow and take it easy. I’m getting good at that.

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