Friday, 19 October 2018

Beaumont, Jersey (La Ruelle es Ruaux)

Was up at 8:00 to get ready for my flight back to London. I’m still trying to find ways to get everything in my new suitcase. It was a bit of a struggle, but think I’m getting better. I didn’t have to sit on it to get it zipped up – that’s always a good sign.

Jeremy took me to the airport at 12:15 and got there in plenty of time for check-in and to go through security. Our flight took off on time and since I selected a window seat, and since it was a clear and sunny day, I took pictures of Jersey as we took off. Also took pictures of us flying over Isle of Wight where Corrine and I visited a couple of weeks before and also the English countryside as we approached Gatwick airport.

Was an easy ride from Gatwick into London via the Gatwick Express. Took the underground from Victoria to East Aldgate station. My information told me to check-in at one address, which was new to me, but I rolled my suitcase there anyway. This is when things went a little (not too much) sideways. The check-in was at the management company that handles the bookings and the person I spoke with was not clear about the process.

Then, it was during the check-in process when I found out that the building where the flat was located was about a 10 – 15 minute walk from where I checked in. Then, the process for getting into the building and then into my flat was not clear and asked for an explanation. She couldn’t explain the directions on the card she gave me or which of the three keys I was given unlocked which door because she had never been inside the building. She had to ask her manager. Once she was able to give me a full description I went outside and called an Uber.

I’m glad I asked for clarification about entering the building and the flat. As I walked into the building with another guest, she told me the elevator didn’t work. This would mean that I would have to carry my luggage up two full flights of stairs. So, within 30 minutes, three issues came up.

Once I got into the flat I found that the lights would not work in the bedroom and the heating wasn’t working. (Issues #4 and #5) I didn’t have time to figure out either of these issues because I was planning to meet my friend Sam at 7:00. I left the flat and hoped there wouldn’t be any more surprises when I returned.

At least I had a good night out with Sam and we talked and had a couple of drinks at a Soho pub before finding a place to eat. The streets were packed with people this time of night and many places had lines that went out the door. Sam suggested a restaurant that served Malaysian / Singapore food. Excellent choice – the food there was very good.

I decided not to call the 24/7 maintenance when I got back to the flat. I’ll decided to take care of it tomorrow. Thankfully I had enough blankets to keep me warm during the night.

Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow. I’ll need some food and will probably wash clothes. And maybe explore the neighborhood as well. But #1 on the list will be to call the building’s maintenance.

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