Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Beaumont, Jersey (La Ruelle es Ruaux)

Today I’m touring Jersey with assistance from Jeremy, my host’s husband. We’re meeting at 10:00 and will visit locations he thinks will tell the story of Jersey and give me insight on life on this island.

We first drove over to the harbor where he worked for several years. From there we could see Elizabeth Castle (Elizabeth I, not the current Queen). The castle has been out in the harbor for centuries and over the years it has been modified and built out. The Nazi’s, during their occupation, made modifications that are still visible today. We didn’t go out to the castle, but I was okay with the view from the harbor.

Our tour took us mostly around the perimeter of the island. So many of the Nazi towers can still be seen at regular intervals. Some are built into the hillsides and some are out in the water. I had no idea that Jersey, and nearby Guernsey, were so heavily armed during WWII.

I took a number of pictures during our tour of the island’s perimeter. The landscape changes depending on which direction you’re facing. What you find constant is the rocky shore, and as a result, a number of lighthouses and buoy markers are in place to warn ships of the dangers of getting too close. In some locations, during low tide, you can walk out on the rocks.

Aside from fishing, the main crop of the island is the Jersey Royal potato which has a Protected Designation of Origin. Jeremy told me that seaweed is collected to cover the potatoes while they grow, which could be why they are so special. I’ll have to find these potatoes during my stay in Edinburgh and give them a try.

Not all the beaches are rock-infested and many, particularly on the south side of the island, are wide sandy beaches. Though in these cases the rocks that surround the island can be seen just offshore. Several towns around the island were built to accommodate travelers from the Victorian era onwards. Similar to Douglas on Isle of Man.

By the time our tour was over my head was filled with information about the island. Jeremy had tons of information to share during our tour. He definitely exceeded my expectations.

When we got back he helped me book tickets for my ferry ride to Guernsey tomorrow. Guernsey is somewhat similar to Jersey, but has a well-developed town that has a number of interesting shops. I should find my visit there relaxing.

I was very tired after the tour and took a long nap before preparing dinner. I didn’t stay up too long since I had to be up early for my ferry to Guernsey tomorrow.

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