Monday, 15 October 2018

London, England (1 Pepys Street)

I had a restless sleep last night thinking about my immediate need to make travel plans. Once I woke up an had my coffee I dived into planning for my visit to the channel islands. Once I started, everything seemed to fall into place. Rather than take a ferry, I realized that I have air miles for British Airways and their flight schedule fits in well to my overall plan. The ferry schedules did not. Then I found a great deal on an Airbnb on Jersey. All of this came together in about 30 minutes. I made the bookings and I was done. The best news was that I used my American Express air miles to book my British Airways flight (including return to London) to Jersey. It only cost me 35 pounds ($40).

As for Airbnb, it didn’t get fixed in time for my stay in London from the 19th to the 25th, so I used for the first time, I made that reservation last night. Tomorrow I’ll make my train reservation from London to Edinburgh. Then no more booking travel for the next six weeks.

Early this afternoon, on my way to the post office, I passed a luggage shop and decided to go in. The fellow who worked there was very helpful and showed me a couple of bags that met my criteria. The one I selected cost 39 pounds and looked durable with room for my laptop. I left the store happy.

The U.K. post offices are the very best of all the ones I’ve visited so far in Europe and Egypt. Several have had a person standing there as you walk in asking if he could help. No waiting in lines. He showed me how to use the automated machines and I was able to buy a book of stamps and mail my letter. Though, you don’t want to visit a U.K. post office at the first of the month. Pensioners (receiving government retirement payments) can still get cash from the post office rather than have a check deposited into their account like we do in the U.S. The lines can be long and take quite a while to get help.

On the way back to the flat I stopped in at a Tesco Express and bought a few items for dinner. I don’t want to buy too much since I’m leaving in the morning.

I’ve been starting to back up pictures and documents from my old hard drive to the new one. One file had over 20,000 pictures and it took a couple of hours to complete the back up. I’ll finish this process when I get to Jersey.

I hope I can get some sleep tonight. I took a long nap after my walk today. Thankfully I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn for my flight. I don’t have to be at Gatwick Airport until 11:00, at the latest, for my one-hour flight to Jersey. I would have liked to have taken a ferry, but guess this worked out for the best.

I don’t have a plan (as usual) for my tour of Jersey and Guernsey, but I have scanned through some travel materials to get ideas. I think two full days, one for each island, will be sufficient.

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