Friday, 12 October 2018

London, England (1 Pepys Street)

Had plans today to do more shopping while in London, but that didn’t happen. Enjoying my time resting and relaxing. Though I’ll get plenty of it in Edinburgh, I need a little right now.

Trying to set up meeting times with friends has not been successful so far, which I guess is okay since I need rest. Now that I’m getting responses, seems like I now have to resolve timing conflicts. I’ll get it worked out.

I’ve been thinking about visiting the channel islands and made a little progress today. Not as easy as I thought. Then, where to stay when I get back to London next Friday. I’ll do what I usually do. Let the details get worked out over time and not push for an answer.

Again I didn’t feel the urge to cook. When I went grocery shopping I picked up a sandwich for dinner. Bought some orange juice, more apples, milk, and scones. Also marinara sauce and pasta for tomorrow night’s dinner. Then came home and watched a few programs on the BBC.

Just when I was getting ready for bed, a friend started to text me and we ended up texting, then talking, for nearly an hour. At 1:00 a.m. I went for a potty break and a U.S. friend texted me and I made the mistake of starting a conversation. Thankfully she had to leave and kept it short.

More R&R tomorrow and perhaps answers will follow about visiting the channel islands.

Also: Happy Birthday, Rick (my brother)

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