Thursday, 11 October 2018

London, England (1 Pepys Street)

I had a great night’s sleep last night and managed to get out of bed by 8:00. After drinking coffee and having a bowl of cereal I did a little research on visiting the channel islands of Guernsey and Jersey that are just off the coast of France. Was thinking about visiting nearby French towns, but haven’t decided yet.

I couldn’t believe that I wanted to take a nap after this research, but I did. When I woke, I showered and got ready to leave so I could buy a new suitcase and get a haircut. I also need another hard drive to back up pictures and other documents, but I could do that most anytime. By 1:00 I was out the door and on my way to Oxford Street.

I took the underground from nearby Tower Hill station and got off at the Embankment station where I transferred to the Jubilee line that would take me to Oxford Circus station. But I managed somehow to not pay attention to what I was doing and got off at Piccadilly station, one station before Oxford Circus. This just gave me a reason to walk through Soho and perhaps get a haircut along the way.

I found a barber shop in Soho that seemed to specialize in trendy men’s haircuts. I decided to give it a try. The person taking appointments wanted my first and last name and my telephone number. I asked if he also wanted to see my passport and write down my email address too. I push back a little when people collect information that they will never need. I just wanted a simple haircut.

I didn’t have to wait. There was someone who was available to cut my hair. He understood what I was looking for and actually did more than what I asked. I was very happy with the final result. Of course I tipped him well when it came time to pay.

By now I was getting hungry. I went into a nearby pub just to get a burger. While I waited at the table I realized that this is probably a pub where you order from the bar, which I did. The burger was okay, but I didn’t eat all of it. I’ve been less hungry than usual, which is a good thing. I don’t have to eat everything on my plate.

Thought I’d keep buying a suitcase easy. I walked down Oxford street to the large John Lewis and went up to their luggage department. They probably have one of the largest selection of luggage in London, but also do not carry the designer ($$$) luggage. Knowing that whatever I buy will take a lot of abuse over the next year and would need to be replaced within that time, I found a suitcase that looked somewhat durable. It was also the next size down from what I now have.

A few days ago I put a bagful of clothes in a donation bin on Kings Road and gave my lightweight winter coat to Corrine to keep for me. My intention is to travel lighter now that I’ve settled on my “travel uniform”. I will also replace my carry on bag with something easier to carry, but for today I’ll just buy the suitcase.

When I got home I packed the new suitcase with my remaining clothes and everything fit. It was a little tight, but I was able to zip up the suitcase. Mission accomplished!

I walked to a nearby Waitrose to find something for dinner. While I was there, I bought a sandwich, milk, scones, cereal, apples, and yogurt. I decided to take the underground back to the flat since I was a block away from the Monument station. While in the area, I took a picture of the Monument, which is a very large Doric column dedicated to the great fire of 1666. This was my lone tourist activity for the day.

After posting my travel blog update I watched two episodes of Graham Norton and then went to bed. Not sure what I’m doing tomorrow. Perhaps will do some shopping. I’ll decided after I wake up.

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