Wednesday, 10 October 2018

London, England (32B Edith Grove)

We were both up fairly early today because Corrine has a plane to catch at 12:30. She is going to Heathrow via Uber first to Paddington Station then catching the Heathrow Express to the airport. I’ll leave early afternoon for my new Airbnb place which will be available after 3:00. I’m moving because I don’t need two bedrooms.

She scheduled her first Uber ride via her phone and it showed up 8 minuets later. I had been scheduling the Uber rides and she was ready to do one on her own. When the Uber arrived we hugged and I asked that she keep me informed that she was not delayed along the way. And off she went at around 9:15.

After she left I started to pack and get organized for my move in a few hours. At 12:15 I heard from her that she was on the plane. For me, at 1:30 I looked around the flat for anything we might have missed, said goodbye to the two cats and ordered an Uber to Sloane Square station. I’m going to miss traveling with Corrine and also the two cats as well. But I’m not going to miss climbing stairs. It will be nice to be on one level again.

I enjoyed my ride to the underground station with my Uber driver. He was from Poland and we talked about the rebuilding of Poland after WWII. He pointed out that more people were killed in Warsaw than in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. I hadn’t thought about that. He said he would like to travel after he has enough money saved up. Amazing the depth of a conversation one can have in less than 10 minutes. It sure is more interesting than talking about the weather.

Was an easy trip to my new flat. The Tower Hill underground station is only a few minutes away from my new flat. I was met by a property management representative who showed me around the flat and explained in detail how everything worked. There were even written instructions! And a garbage disposal – which is a first for any of my Airbnb lodgings where I’ve stayed. Think I’ll like it here. My flat is on the top floor of an eight story building and when you close the windows you don’t hear any street noise. Nice!

At around 4:00 I took a nap. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was almost two hours later when I woke up. Having only a bowl of cereal in the morning, I was getting hungry. Correction: I was hungry. I left the flat and walked around looking for a place to eat. After 30 minutes found a small Italian restaurant that looked inviting. It seems the more hungry I am, the more picky I am about where I eat. The staff were friendly and the portions generous. It was basic Italian food: chichen parmesan and pasta with bolognese sauce. I couldn’t finish the entire meal – I was stuffed.

After this meal I found a nearby Tesco store and got a few things for breakfast, then walked back to the flat. It was a little warm this afternoon so I had the windows open and the fans blowing. That cooled down the place until it was time for bed.

One of the things I finished before going to bed was booking an Airbnb flat near where my brother, his daughter and her son will be staying when they visit Paris next May. They are mainly coming to visit Disneyland, but they plan to do some sightseeing around the Paris area while they’re here.

I’m not sure what I’m doing tomorrow, other than getting a haircut and buying a new suitcase. Most likely I’ll walk around Soho also down Oxford street. I’ll probably go to the John Lewis store to buy the suitcase. We will see.

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