Sunday, 7 October 2018

London, England (32B Edith Grove)

Woke up a bit late but made it out of the flat by 1:30. We weren’t in a rush today to be somewhere. Seems like we’ve been on the go for several days. Today we’re visiting the Tower of London. We were there last December but got there late in the afternoon so didn’t get to join a Beefeater tour.

We arrived a little after 2:30 and joined the 3:00 tour. Beefeaters are retired military veterans who have 22 years of service and have the formal title of: “Yeomen Warders of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress The Tower of London”. Their most visible duty is to conduct tours of the Tower of London and have been doing so since the 19th century.

Our beefeater was informative, but Corrine and I thought he was a bit sexist. He made jokes about men and women that you would have heard back in the 60’s. But he was informative and gave us a good understanding of the tower and its history. So he did his duty.

After the tour we visited the crown jewels again. There is no other place where you can see so many precious stones. I’ve seen the crown jewels from several other countries, but the British ones are the best. There is also a display that shows the older crowns where their jewels were incorporated into the present day crowns.

We returned to the flat to get ready to see “A Star is Born” that was playing at a nearby theater. I got the start time wrong and thought it started earlier. We now had an extra hour to have something to eat. Across the street from the theater was a pub and we ate there. It being Sunday, I had a Sunday Roast. Today it was prime rib that I liked very much. Normally I don’t eat so much beef at one sitting.

We enjoyed the movie as well as the rest of the audience. The audience was quiet throughout the movie and applauded at the end. I would have liked it to move along a bit quicker by shortening some of the scenes, but that is just me I guess. The original music was enjoyable and the acting was exceptional.

It was late when we got back to the flat. Tomorrow we’re planning to take a boat out to Hampton Court, home of Henry VIII and other monarchs.

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