Monday, 8 October 2018

London, England (32B Edith Grove)

We should have planned more time to get to the boat that we planned take us to Hampton Court. We were delayed at the Sloan Square station by nearly 10 minutes. I didn’t add extra time to allow for delays. And there was just the 11:00 boat, so we were out of luck in that regard. Instead we took a train out to Hampton Court which got us there earlier than if we took a boat. So it worked out fine anyway.

We started talking to a couple of women on the train, one who was from Memphis.  We got ideas of places to visit while in London. The one who was from England was very knowledgeable about what we might find interesting. Both were, or had been, teachers.

After we bought tickets for Hampton Court, and fitted with our audio guides, we were on our way to tour the palace. I had been to the palace in December 2016, but there is so much to see and learn, this tour was a good re-fresher.

The palace was influenced by Henry VIII who first built out the palace, then during William and Mary’s reign parts were remodeled to suit them. Then again when George I and his heirs lived in the castle during the 17th century. Since it was much warmer outside than when I was here before, I enjoyed touring around the extensive gardens that surround the palace. The world’s largest grape vine is located here.

The train back to London took less time than the one that brought us out to the palace. That was good because we had a bit of time to get ready for the show at the Royal Albert Hall that started at 7:30.

Corrine got us tickets to see “The Best of the West End” which was an evening of songs from past and present West End (London’s “Broadway”) shows. All of the music was very familiar to most people in the audience. The performers were all West End veterans, but we didn’t know any of them. Some of the performers were exceptional and it was almost like attending a West End show. But much less expensive.

What a long day! No definite plans for tomorrow. Guess we’ll play it by ear after we wake up.

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