Saturday, 6 October 2018

London, England (32B Edith Grove)

We knew it was going to rain today and it started soon after we woke. After we had a small breakfast we started our walk down Kings Road, a popular shopping district in London. While my Gore Tex parka kept out the rain, I should have worn a sweater underneath the coat because it was much colder today than the day before.

During our walk I knew that I wanted to get a pedicure, so I stopped at a shop where I had pedicures before and Corrine continued on to visit Peter Jones, a large department store near Sloan Square. We met up later and decided that we were ready for lunch. Near Duke of York Square we found Gallery Mess and ordered from their brunch menu. A white tablecloth sort of a place and was relaxing to have a leisurely meal and be out of the rain.

On our way back to the flat we walked up the other side of Kings Road. Along the way we stopped off at Marks and Spencer where I found a pair of cords that I liked. My one pair of nice pants were in the bag that I left on the train. I just had my two travel pants to wear. Corrine had booked us tickets to see a show at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday and I’d like to dress up a little rather than look like someone who needed to get out of the cold.

Eventually we both had enough of the rain and returned to the flat for a nap. We’re planning to meet up with Prean and Viktor later to celebrate his birthday with a friend of their’s, and her friends, at a restaurant in the evening. We just didn’t know when or where we were going to meet. Prean eventually sent us the address and we left the flat again at 7:00.

The restaurant was near the center of the city, but on the other side of the center from us. We took an Uber to Victoria station, rode several stops to bypass the busy central London area, and then took another Uber to the restaurant, The Clutch Chicken.

We met friends of their friend Rachel and we drank and ate for the next few hours. Rachel’s friends were all outgoing and fun. We learned more about England’s history and politics from one of her friends as the evening progressed.

Before long it was 11:00 and after goodbyes to our new friends we ordered an Uber that took the four of us to a nearby underground station. We all eventually ended up at Sloan Square and Corrine and I took an Uber back to our flat. Prean and Viktor live a short distance from the station and walked.

Corrine went immediately to bed once we got back to the flat. It was approaching midnight. I still wasn’t tired and stayed up another hour or so before going to bed. We have no definite plans for tomorrow, though we may hook up with Prean and Viktor later in the afternoon. Nice to have an unplanned day.

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