Friday, 5 October 2018

Southampton, England (Oceana Boulevard)

We had planned to visit the old part of Southampton on our last day in the city. Our Airbnb host said it was okay to keep our suitcases in the flat until we were ready to leave at 12:30 for our 1:00 train to London. This gave us a few hours to explore Southampton.

From our flat we walked over to our favorite coffee shop and drank our coffee before beginning our walk to the old part of the city, which was only a five minute walk away. Was a little disappointed that the Tudor House, a restored building from that era, was closed on Friday. But that just gave us more time to explore.

One of the first places we stopped to visit was a church that wasn’t rebuilt after the war. It was one of many buildings in Southampton that were bombed during many raids on the city. Since Southampton, like Liverpool up north, were ship building centers, they were primary targets for the German planes. Most of the city was destroyed and only a few buildings were spared. This church also honored those who served on the Titanic and others who served the city.

Parts of the old city, including the old city wall, were visible and we also came upon a home, in the Tudor style, where Jane Austen lived for a time. She only was in Southampton was a few years but the city had a number of references to her stay in the city. We also visited another church that was open to visitors.

After walking around a little longer it was time to leave for the train station. We collected our suitcases at the flat and then called an Uber to take us to the station. Purchasing our tickets ahead of time was a great idea and all we had to do was to find the platform and we were on our way to London. The trip to London from Southampton took only about 90 minutes.

At London’s Waterloo station we took the underground to Sloan Square and then called for another Uber to take us to our London Airbnb flat. It was a beautiful day in London and we enjoyed the warmer weather and the sunshine.

The flat we’re renting is one home, but is spread out over three floors. From the street we climbed a short flight of stairs to the entry. Then from the entry we climbed a full flight of stairs to the first floor, then there were two more full flights up to the bedrooms. My bath was at the top of the first flight and that is as far as my suitcase went. I planned use my bathroom as my closet during our stay. Corrine’s bath was an ensuite to her bedroom so she had more steps to climb.

We were given a tour of the flat and introduced to our roommates. The Airbnb owner couldn’t find a temporary home for his cats so he asked if we wouldn’t mind looking after them during our stay. We both love cats so it wasn’t a problem. Both are very mellow, but are very much not lap cats. It was okay to pet them, they would play a little, but didn’t like to be cuddled or held. Still, was nice to have the extra company.

After we got settled, we took a walk down King’s Road to find a place to eat. We discovered an Italian deli where we had a small lunch before returning to the flat. I did some laundry and started to sort our my suitcase with the intention of reducing the amount of clothes so I could look forward to buying a smaller suitcase while in London.

We were both tired, though Corrine was interested in going to see “A Star is Born”. Instead we watched a recent documentary of the Queen. Both of us retired early with plans to walk around Kings Road tomorrow. After touring around for over a week, was nice to settle into one place for the next four nights.

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