Thursday, 4 October 2018

Southampton, England (Oceana Boulevard)

Since we went to Osborne House yesterday, we planned to visit Brighton today. No need for a ferry, we’re going by train. Though I made a miscalculation and thought Brighton was only an hour away, and then discovered it was more like two hours away. Not a problem and will adjust our schedule accordingly.

Last night we bought Cheerios for breakfast, so had a little to eat before we left for Brighton. Perhaps we will find a place to have a little more to eat once we get to Brighton.

After an Uber ride to the train station, then a two-hour trip to Brighton, we found ourselves ready to tour the city. We started off with a little shopping, first to pick up a case for my phone, then walked further down the street to “The Lanes” where we found a variety of shops to go through. I stopped in a eye glasses store because I was wondering if the U.K. has the same requirement as the U.S. when it comes to issuing eye glasses. In the U.S. I was told that you have to have your eyes examined within two years before glasses can be made for you. From what I found out is that an examination is recommended but not required. Good to know.

We eventually found a tea shop and had tea and scones. Great scones! Even better with butter and jam. While eating our scones, Corrine saw a card store across the street. This was our next stop.

At the card store, we saw some very humorous cards. Corrine bought a handful and I found a few I liked as well. Very much like Jellybean that was on S.W. 10th.

It was time to walk down to the Brighton Pavilion (or Royal Pavilion), which was a former royal residence back in the early 1800’s. I put a link to the pavilion’s Wiki page because its very difficult to describe. The short story is that William IV, the oldest son of George III, had very extravagant tastes. He requested the palace be built and was unlike anything that anyone had seen before.

Brighton Pavilion (Wiki):

Room after room were unique and intended to impress anyone who visited. The dinning room was my favorite. It was way over-the-top. The dragon on the ceiling holding up the one ton crystal chandelier was the room’s show stopper.

I have pictures of the building’s exterior, because it is difficult to describe. Though the building’s design was inspired by Chinese and Indian architecture and design, liberties were taken with the design. The overall effect is more of a fantasy rather than a true replication.

Now we were ready for a late lunch. Lots of walking so far and needed fuel to help us keep going. After lunch we continued to look around, Corrine bought a scarf, and we slowly walked back to the train station for our return to Southampton. Before leaving the Southampton station we bought tickets for tomorrow trip to London.

By the time we got back to Southampton, neither of us thought we would have a full dinner so we picked up a few easy-to-fix items and returned back to the flat. I thought I would be tired, but I stayed awake long enough to finish my blog.

Tomorrow we’ll wake up early enough so we can walk around the old part of Southampton before our train leaves at 1:00 p.m. We’ll ask the Airbnb host if we can keep our luggage in the flat until 12:30. We don’t want to be rolling around our suitcases.

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