Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Conwy, Wales (Llewelyn Bed and Breakfast)

Travel day again. Today we’re going by train to Southampton and plan to be down there for three nights. But first we have breakfast.

It was shortly after 7:30 a.m. when we walked into the main part of town to look for a place to have breakfast. Every place was closed. Even Costa Coffee was opening at 9:00 a.m. Don’t people in Conwy drink morning coffee? As a result we ended up returning to the hotel where we ordered breakfast yesterday. We wanted to try a new place, but we enjoyed yesterday’s breakfast at the hotel so we were in good shape.

At a little after 9:00 we ordered a taxi from our lodging and were at the train station by 9:15 a.m. I retrieved the tickets I purchased from the station’s ticket machine. But still I had questions about the route we were taking to Southampton. Then I heard someone saying that they were catching the 9:40 to Euston Station in London. I asked the ticket agent about the 9:40 train and he said the our tickets would work. He said that sometimes the ticket company the issues the tickets doesn’t have access to all the routes. In any case, we took the train with the direct route to London, with no transfers.

At Euston we took the underground to Waterloo station then a direct train to Southampton. Though this required hauling our suitcases up a couple of flights of stairs. Not all London underground stations have elevators (lifts) or escalators. In any case, we arrived in Southampton by 3:30 p.m. Corrine had bought a light snack at the Waterloo station which satisfied us until we reached Southampton.

Was a little awkward giving the taxi driver directions, but we just gave him the post code and told him that we would find the building where the flat was located. He seemed to want to drive around to help us find the building, but I assured him that we could find it on our own. Corrine checked back through her email and found the specific address. I’ve had the same issue with other Airbnb hosts giving a non-specific address at the time of booking then you receive the detailed address and instructions for entering the building in a separate email.

The flat was new with many features (dishwasher, clothes washer, etc.) and a large balcony with a great view from the 7th floor. Most important, it smelled very clean when we opened the door to the flat. A little street noise but nothing that anyone would find distracting.

After I took a quick nap we went to a pub (The Dancing Man) that Corrine found that was recommended. It was a short distance from the pub. Corrine liked the dog who was the pub’s mascot and watched him wander around the pub. The food was good and the staff attentive and friendly. Great desserts too!

After we returned to the flat, I stayed up a little later than Corrine, but still was very tired from traveling.

We will either visit Isle of Wight or Brighton tomorrow, depending on the weather. We’ll make the decision in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

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