Monday, 1 October 2018

Conwy, Wales (Llewelyn Bed and Breakfast)

First item on today’s agenda was to find a place for breakfast. After walking around the town we settled on the Castle Hotel for breakfast. We were seated in the bar area, which was empty, and ordered a basic scrambled eggs and bacon breakfast. The other diners, who were probably hotel guests, ate in the main dining room. No matter, we had great food and service.

While Corrine was finishing up with her breakfast, I made a phone call to Castle Cabs and arranged a driver to take us around this part of Wales to see several of the castles. When he arrived, he turned out to be very entertaining and knowledgeable about the area. He was also very flexible and would stay as long as we wanted at any of the stops during the drive.

Along the way he told of a man who owned and operated the big slate mines in the area. He built a home that we could see in the distance that looked very much like a castle, but was actually built within the last 100 years. Later we saw some of the homes the miners lived in and also drove by the Slate Museum, but we didn’t go in. Evidence of slate mining could be seen everywhere.

Our driver took us up through the hills (or mountains) of northern Wales, which was a beautiful drive. We saw a number of castles during our drive. And many flocks of sheep. I’ve always enjoyed my drives with locals who show off their part of the world and talk about what they enjoy most. And a little about the area’s history. So much better than a pre-recorded tour.

He dropped us off at Conwy Castle. We were both hungry (it was 2:30 p.m.) so we ate at a small restaurant near the castle before we started our tour. We then wandered up and around this castle for over an hour. It is considered a ruin, but still has retained much of its structure and was easy to see what used to be in various parts of the castle when it was being actively used. We discovered great views of the town and the surrounding around from the upper parts of the castle. The whole town and castle took only four years to build. Nice that we can see this castle from our Airbnb lodging.

We walked around some more then returned to our rooms to rest before dinner. For dinner, we ate at a nearby fish and chip restaurant. We had our choice of cod or haddock and we both order the cod. (Like I would know the difference between the two.) Our server was exceptionally nice and helpful.

Tomorrow we leave for Southampton, which is just south of London. The route has several stops where we need to change trains. I’ll need to make sure I understand the route tomorrow before we leave the station.

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