Sunday, 30 September 2018

Cardiff, Wales (Hilton Hotel) 

After breakfast we took our bags down to the lobby at 9:30 and checked out. I enjoyed hearing the words: “You don’t owe us anything. We hope you enjoyed your stay.” Was nice to use Hilton Honors points to pay for both of our rooms and enjoy the perks of staying at the Hilton with no out-of-pocket cost. But enough of that, it was time to take a taxi to the train station for today’s journey to Conwy in northern Wales.

We had to make several transfers along the way but we eventually reached our destination at around 3:00 p.m. During one leg of the journey I struck up a conversation with a father and daughter who were traveling from a festival they attended in Cardiff. We had a great conversation for about an hour which made the journey go a bit faster. They have been all over England and abroad, partly because the family owned a travel business and now because the daughter writes a blog about music festivals. We mainly shared our travel adventures.

When we arrived in Conwy (pronounced either “con-way” or con-wee”) we realized that we would need to carry our suitcases up several flights of stairs at the station. This was followed by a walk up a fairly steep road to our lodgings. At the Airbnb we then carried our suitcases up a flight to our rooms. We had quite a workout!

We agreed that we should get something to eat since we hadn’t had a meal since this morning. We found a nearby pub that was recommended to us by a local. I ordered a Sunday Roast (traditional English dinner served on Sundays) and Corrine ordered a burger. Both were very filling and by then I was ready to nap. It was still early evening but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Once I returned to my room, and after doing a little unpacking I slept for a couple of hours. After I cleared the sleep cobwebs from my brain, I started to work on my travel blog. I noticed the room was unusually cold and checked to see if I could turn up the heat registers, but figured they were regulated at the boiler. To keep warm I put a blank over my legs and feet.

I wasn’t sure if I could sleep after taking a long nap but that didn’t seem to be an issue when I went to bed. I was very tired. Probably from lugging around my extra large suitcase earlier.

Tomorrow we plan to engage a taxi service to drive us around the area for a few hours to explore other towns and castles. Looks like the weather will be nice and no rain in the forecast. I’m looking forward to another very full day of touring.

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