Thursday, 27 September 2018

Hungerford, England (Littlecote House)

I had a fairly restful night’s sleep last night. The room is very quiet and I was able to sleep in until 7:00. Today I had planned to be ready for Corrine’s arrival and make sure a taxi is waiting for her at the Hungerford train station. But first, I had some breakfast in the main dining room.

I pretty much had the same breakfast if I was staying in a Hilton so I was satisfactorily filled when I walked away from the table. Now, to wait for Corrine’s text saying that she had landed in Heathrow. I’m thinking I should hear from her by 11:30. In the meantime I took a walk around the grounds to get more familiar with this location.

I walked mainly around the back side of the house where the formal gardens are located and walked through some of the interior rooms. Since Corrine is missing out on a day, at least I can help get her get situated once she arrives.

As it turned out I received a text from Corrine at 11:31 (one minute off from my estimate). Good to know she was in London and on her way to Littlecote. Now to find out which train she will come in on, then I can arrange the taxi. Eventually we got a taxi coordinated with her arrival and she arrived just before 3:00.

I took her up to her room then gave her a quick tour of the grounds. She looked like she was holding up pretty well considering she had just landed after a 12 hour flight. We had a quick bite in the lounge then went to our rooms to rest before dinner.

Was nice to have someone to talk with at dinner. We both ordered a turkey dinner and dessert. The meal was fairly good, considering the number of people that are feed each evening. Even better, the meal was included in the room cost.

We went back to Corrine’s room to discuss the next few days and have a glass or two of her complementary wine. While there we discovered that we hadn’t accounted for one day. Looks like we will spend a night in Cardiff before travelling north to Conwy, Wales. We planned to sort this out tomorrow. Time for sleep.

Tomorrow we’ll get up early, have breakfast, walk around the grounds some more and take pictures. We plan to leave by noon for our visit to Bath, which is about an hour away by train.

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