Tuesday, 25 September 2018

London, England (Kensington Hilton)

When I woke this morning I was thinking about picking up the Chromebook that I ordered yesterday. I was out the door once I ate my Hilton breakfast. I ordered an Uber, just because I didn’t want to figure out how to get there. (Sometimes I’m lazy.) The Uber driver was from Sri Lanka and we had a great conversation about religion and politics as we drove to the Curry PC World store.

The staff at the Curry’s PC World couldn’t have been more helpful. I was in and out in 15 minutes, which included selecting a Bluetooth mouse, since that was also in the lost bag. I was looking forward to getting the new Chromebook set up, so I ordered an Uber for the return trip. This time the driver was from Asia (unknown country) and we talked about travel, politics, and the global economy. When I order an Uber I ask to sit up front, which leads to the conversations. I’ve had the best luck with Uber drivers.

The Chromebook started up as expected. Since starting it up, I’ve been tweaking it. This device is an Acer product rather than the Samsung that I had before, so there are some differences. But all in all, like I wrote yesterday, was up and running very quickly. I’m very happy.

After I was satisfied with the Chromebook I took the underground to Canada Water where Prean and Viktor have their duck confit booth set up this week. I visited with them for about an hour then returned back to the hotel. I confirmed that Corrine and I will be at Prean’s “disco” birthday party on the 6th and I’ll join them for Christmas this year in Basingstoke. We don’t know if Pavel (Viktor’s Russian friend) will join us again this year. He might be in Spain meeting with some wealthy Russian expatriates on the project they are having him work on. He is a design architect. Of course I want to know more. I’m looking forward to meeting up with Pavel again when I visit Russia next year.

I still had my laundry to do. Fortunately, there was a nearby self-service laundry nearby, so I was in and out the door again after returning from visiting with Prean and Viktor. I was confused, and a little amused, that the person who was managing the shop acted like she couldn’t speak good English when she was talking with me, but when her manager came in her English improved dramatically. Perhaps she doesn’t like answer questions from customers? Anyway, I was able to get my one load of clothes washed dried and was out the door in an hour.

When I returned to the hotel, I decided to have a quick meal in the executive lounge. The meal consisted of a good quantity (10?) of spring rolls and a gin and tonic to wash it down. Think I also grabbed a dinner roll to eat as well. It was just finger food at this lounge. Some lounges, like the one in Helsinki, have a fairly full buffet. Eating in the executive lounges sure saves on travel expenses, since food and drink are complementary.

I realized I had a big task to condense almost two weeks of travel into one posting, but I did it. I took nearly two hours of writing, then another 30 minutes of editing. I still need to update my pictures (see link below), but I got the written part published.

ITV (the independent network in the U.K.) had a special two-part program on the Queen, titled “Queen of the World”. I’ll have to see the second part next week, but if I miss it I can watch online using the ITV Player. The BBC has a BBC Player to which you can subscribe. Once you download the players, you can view an extraordinary amount of programs that are available in the U.K. But only in the U.K.

Tomorrow I leave for Littlecote, which is located outside of Hungerford and is about an hour away by train from London. I purchased the train ticket online and will get it printed from the ticket machine after I arrive at the station.

Wish Corrine would be with me, but I’ll see her the following day and then we can start our two-week adventure.

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