Update 9 September 2018

London, England (Kensington Hilton)

After leaving my bag with laptop and iPad on the train to Mainz, the first person I called was Cousin Molly’s husband Ori. I told him that I was on the S train to Mainz when I realized that I was headed in the wrong direction. Without thinking I wheeled my suitcase to the train’s exit and walked out. Only when I saw the taillights of the train as they entered the tunnel for the next station that I realized my carry on bag was still on the train. Cousin Ori knew just what to do. I felt much better after speaking with him. I caught the train to Mainz and checked into my hotel. If the bag was to be found, it will be. Can’t worry about something afterwards. Cousin Ori has continued to follow up, and I was right, he with help from Cousin Molly, was more help than I could have expected. (Many thanks to Ori and Molly!)

Today I realized that I need to move forward and order a replacement for my laptop. I’m not going to worry about any personal information being lost. If it happens I’ll deal with it then. The main thing I’m looking forward to is writing my daily blog. Hopefully starting tomorrow or the next day.

I’m currently in London and visited with Csabi yesterday and today then will see Miguel tonight. Catching up with Prean and Viktor tomorrow. Corrine arrives on Wednesday and then we are off on our two-week adventure.

Many pictures to be posted in a few days.


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