Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Hamburg, Germany (Hampton by Hilton City Center)

I slept in very late today. Think I’m making up for the lack of sleep the day before. No matter, because rained today in Hamburg and also received an email that my tour for tomorrow had been cancelled.  I used this day to rest and anticipate sunshine tomorrow.

My only outside activity was to walk to the train station to buy a ticket for my trip to Mainz on Friday. The ticket machine at the train station worked perfectly and I have a reserved seat on a late morning train. In Frankfurt I’ll transfer to a S-Bahn (#8) that will take me directly into Mainz. The fare for the train is about half what it would cost to fly, less the airport hassle. I’ll get to see the scenery along the way as well. Looking forward to Friday’s travel.

Amazing how I can keep busy without leaving my room. Seemed like I was on the phone or texting when I wasn’t sleeping. While at the train station I picked up a sandwich at Starbucks for dinner, but ended up eating only half. Which is fine because I probably eat too much anyway.

No TV last night because I wasn’t interested and wanted to catch up on my sleep so I can be ready for a one-day tour of Hamburg tomorrow. If one day is all I have then so be it.

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