Sunday, 9 September 2018

Vilnius, Lithuania
Šnipiškės District (Konstitucijos prospektas 9)

Travel planning won out over walking to old town today. Besides, I’m feeling a bit run-down and have been blowing my nose. Perhaps there is something in the air? I feel fine otherwise and the symptoms (maybe another cold?) are about half of my last cold.

I spoke with Corrine later in the day and we’re really making some great progress planning our England/Wales trip. Good to see it coming together. Stonehenge, Bath, Cardiff Castle, then up to Conwy Castle (plus others) in Northern Wales. Then down to Southampton before returning to London. Very helpful that Corrine has a nack for finding great places to stay.

Another light dinner then started to watch the new Avengers movie before I was too tired to watch any more. I’ll finish watching it tomorrow night.

As for tomorrow, it will be more like today. More rest and more planning. I’m starting to think about what I’ll do next year as well. Making a list of the places in Europe left to visit has really started to get me excited. But first, enjoying my time in Edinburgh will recharge my “travel” batteries.

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