Saturday, 8 September 2018

Vilnius, Lithuania
Šnipiškės District (Konstitucijos prospektas 9)

I left the flat at 1:00 for my pedicure appointment. Glad to have that out of the way and love the way my feet feel afterward. I was now ready for a long walk.

Walked around old town again and took pictures. Not as much to see as Riga, but still very nice. I stopped a couple of times and enjoyed the mild and partly cloudy day. I walked back a different way and saw another part of Vilnius, which will be developed probably over the next few years.

Very uneventful day overall. My new thought of the day was regarding clothes. The mall, next to where I’m staying, has an Aldo’s shoe store – which had been my favorite place to buy shoes. Very tempting to buy another pair of shoes, but I can only carry so much. I’m defiantly settling into a “look” which is now consists of wearing one of two pair of shoes, one of four pairs of pants and one of many black t-shirts. I’m dressing like either Simon Cowell or Jeff Zuckerberg. It works for me. I might be able to downsize my suitcase.

For dinner I finished off the chicken from last night. Made mashed potatoes and green peas. I was full! The potatoes tasted like ones you’d get from a home garden. I’d almost forgotten what a good potato tastes like.

Watched the season four finale of “The Flash”and now will need to find something else to watch. Thought I’d be able to stretch out “The Flash” for a few more days, but it started to really get interesting so I finished it up. I’ll have to wait until next year for season five.

Tomorrow I might walk around the old town again. Though I have travel planning that I need to do. I’ll figure out what I’ll do tomorrow and go from there.

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