Friday, 7 September 2018

Vilnius, Lithuania
Šnipiškės District (Konstitucijos prospektas 9)

Today was a very low key sort of day. I felt like sleeping in, so I did. When I looked in the mirror I could see that I was overdue for a haircut. Was happy to learn that the nearest barber shop was next door in the Europa Mall.

The mall has many shops spread out over three levels. I happened upon the mall’s information desk and asked where I would find “Gentleman’s Empire”. Was surprised that she couldn’t find it listed in her directory. I showed her the location on Google Maps that included pictures of what the shop looked like on the outside. To make a long story short, I found the barber shop once she said that it was on the south side of the mall.

At first, the barber shop said they didn’t have any openings for today. Then, after one barber consulted another, they said I could come back in 15 minutes and someone would cut my hair. This gave me time to pick up a couple of items in the supermarket on the ground floor.

I got the full treatment by the barber. Even got my hair washed and my barber used a hair dryer to dry my hair. Given how little hair I had, I doubt if the hair dryer had enough time to warm up.

During the hair treatment process my barber asked me questions about where I was from. The usual questions. He eventually shared with me that when he was three or four he remembers watching local TV when the Russians killed protesters by running them over with tanks. This was in the early 90’s. Since then, after Lithuania became fully independent from USSR, then a member of the EU, that the country prospered. Today Vilnius is a very modern city and it continues to grow, from what I’ve learned while being here. There are still remnants of the Soviet years, but you can see many modern skyscraper-sized buildings – especially on this side of the river.

After my hair appointment, a few shops away, was a nail shop where I made an appointment for a pedicure tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. I might as well get everything up-to-date before I leave this city.

For dinner I cooked a couple of chicken breasts, warmed up leftover roasted potatoes and the coleslaw from the night before. I didn’t each both chicken breasts so will have the other tomorrow night.

After I updated my travel blog, and posted more pictures, I enjoyed a few more episodes of “The Flash”.

I was wondering how many places I’ll need to visit before I will have 100% of Europe’s countries and states visited, per the list provided on my “Been” phone application. Here is the list of remaining places to visit:

Albnia (4/19)
Andorra (4/19)
Belarus (6/19)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (4/19)
Faroe Islands ??
Gibraltar (1/19)
Greenland (10/20)
Guernsey (9/18)
Jersey (9/18)
Kosovo (4/19)
Liechtenstein (5/19)
Luxembourg (5/19)
Macedonia (5/19)
Moldova (4/19)
Monaco (5/19)
Montenegro (4/19)
Russia (6/19)
San Marino (1/19)
Serbia (5/19)
Slovenia (4/19)
Svalbard (10/20)
The Vatican (2/19)
Ukraine (6/19)
Wales (9/18)

I put tentative dates next to each of names listed above. This are best guesses on when I’ll visit each. I’m still reconciling my feelings about visiting Faroe Islands, who have an annual slaughter of whales – an island tradition for many years. Other than that, I think the rest are do-able. Many of the countries are next door to one another. Many I’ll only stay for a couple of days. More planning ahead.

Tomorrow I will return to Vilnius’ old town and do more exploring of this city.

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