Sunday, 2 September 2018

Riga, Latvia (Republikas Laukums 3)

I took my time getting ready this morning. Nothing major was planned for today. Just to walk around the city and perhaps look into a Segway tour for tomorrow. I also need to print off the document that the attorney emailed me a few days ago.

After I showered, washed the dishes and had something to eat, I left the flat and walked toward Riga’s old town. Another beautiful day to walk around Riga. I carried a sack of garbage with me down the elevator and tried to find where the Airbnb host said to take it. Her directions were a little vague, but with help from another resident, I found where to drop off my garbage.

My first stop was the Segway tour office. It is located in the center of Riga’s old town. When I got there they couldn’t confirm a time for a tour for tomorrow, so I left my name and phone number and the guy in the office said they would contact me. Before I left I confirmed that they would be able to call me at my Ireland phone number. (I’ve had an Ireland phone number (country code 353) for over a year and it is so much better than having a new phone number for each county I visit, like it was before changes in EU phone regulations took effect in June of last year.) He was able to call me so all I had to do was wait for his call.

My next stop was to find a place to print out my document. I left the Segway office before I realized I might have asked them. But finding a place to print out the document would be another adventure. On my phone I found a place that looked like they offer printing and copy services, and it wasn’t too far away.

I got lucky. When I arrived, I found that this printing and copy shop was definitely full service. I was able to log into a PC and pull up the document and they printed it off. Cost me 10 cents Euro. I was in and out of there in less than 10 minutes.

Having finished my two errands I walked a different way back to the flat. It wasn’t a very long walk but it got me outside to enjoy the cool and partly cloudy day.

I spent a few hours making more travel plans and took a nap afterward. After updating my travel blog I made a light dinner then started to watch more of “The Flash”. My days are getting fairly redundant, but I don’t mind. I’m enjoying my time here in Riga and resting too. I really don’t want to force sightseeing into my daily routine, but do it when I feel like it. I still have two full days to see more of the city. I’ll just take my time.

I didn’t get a call from the Segway office by the time I went to bed. My plan for tomorrow, if I don’t hear from them in the morning, is to visit their office again. If they don’t have a tour for me, I’ll walk to some of the old town’s key destinations and do my own tour.

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