Friday, 31 August 2018

Riga, Latvia (Republikas Laukums 3)

I’m very happy with getting so much sleep while I’ve been staying here. I’m not sure why, but no need to question a good thing. I feel fully rested. I keep thinking back on those years when I would get 4 – 5 hours a night, almost every night, and still be able to function the next day. Well, except if I was in a meeting that I wasn’t leading, I’d find myself nodding off on occasion. I’m retired now and can sleep when I want.

I’m still working to finish up on details relating to my cousin’s estate. Spoke with Cousin Donna and emailed the attorney in Hood River to ensure we were in sync on the final steps to close out the estate. Now that everyone agrees, I just need to do my part and the attorney will take care of the rest.

As a result of my sleeping in late, and working on the estate, it was late afternoon when I left the flat. I should have re-checked the weather forecast before walking out the door. The forecasted rain arrived sooner than originally planned. Oh well, I’m from Oregon. I made do with my light-weight parka and hat.

Was a nice walk through one of the parks on my way to McDonald’s. (I wasn’t in the mood to cook tonight.) Then stopped by a Rimi’s store (major chain store in Latvia) to pick up a few items. This store was one of their larger stores in Riga and was very busy for an early Friday evening. Was fun to walk around the store and see the merchandise. I had planned to take a longer route back to the flat so I didn’t buy too much.

This Rimi store is at the middle of one of Riga’s major intersections. There was a rock band playing in the square in front of the shopping complex when I arrived. Many people were out (even in the rain) for shopping and having dinner at various restaurants. Given all of the people, you’d think there would be a lot of traffic on the roads, but there wasn’t. I’m seeing in the Nordic countries, that many people rely on public transportation to take them where they need to go. The only heavy traffic has been as a result of road construction, which is to be expected. Trams and buses seem to be everywhere.

Yes, it was a long walk back to the flat. Though I wanted to walk along the river and see the view along the way. I’m thinking about taking a boat from Riga to the Baltic Sea, since we’re a bit inland here. I’ve seen a few cruise ships in the harbor and have also heard their billowing horns at night.

By the time I got started to watch “The Flash” it was after 10:30, but I was in bed a little after midnight.

Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow. More rain may be in the forecast, but I’ll definitely walk around the city again. I’m really enjoying my walks and the detours through the parks along way.

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