Thursday, 30 August 2018

Riga, Latvia (Republikas Laukums 3)

I had a great night’s sleep. This flat is very quiet since all the windows face a courtyard and not the street. Also a comfortable bed in a cool room helps as well. The flat is somewhat large and has everything I need, except for a dishwasher. I was able to easily hook up my Apple TV. I’m located not too far from the main part of the city or Old Town Riga, so I’ll have extra time for walking around. And the weather is expected to be mild while I’m here.

Today I ran a couple of errands and combined this with a mini-tour of the inner city to get my bearings and to get ideas of what I might want to see over the next few days.

I really enjoyed the small river that runs through the city and the parks that line parts of it. This river flows into the larger Daugava River that empties into the Gulf of Riga. The Gulf of Riga connects with the Baltic Sea.

The red marker below shows the Gulf of Riga (and Riga nearby). Tallinn, Estonia (partially cut off) is at the top of the picture and Stockholm is in the upper right.

Riga is loaded with parks that I’m sure I’ll enjoy while here. I sat down several times while walking just to enjoy watching the people and relaxing. Before heading back to the flat I picked up a few items from a nearby store. Two items I really needed. Milk and butter. When I was shopping yesterday I (again!) picked up a carton of buttermilk instead of plain milk and the spread I bought was so artificial that it looked like melted plastic. I must have been very tired while shopping yesterday.

For dinner I made use of the buttermilk by soaking in it the chicken I bought yesterday for a couple of hours before slowly frying over the stove. I would have liked to have baked it in the oven, but there is only one very small pan that I can put into the oven. All of the other cookware was made for the stove top.

While the chicken was cooking I wrote back to Cousin Ori who has outlined a proposed (wonderfully detailed) itinerary for when we meet up on the 15th. Will be good to see Ori and Molly again! Nice to have family over here, even though we only see each other once a year. I also updated my blog posting.

It was late when I started to watch “The Flash”. I found out earlier that Netflix only has the series through season 3 available outside of the U.S. Why, I do not know. So this is another reason I have Apple TV. I can also purchase U.S. programs via Amazon (like season 4 of “The Flash”) and use my laptop or iPad to connect to the TV. I stayed up very late watching the first two episodes of season 4. Guess I won’t be waking up early tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m planning on getting re-organized. I’ve been thinking about how to pack differently, for added convenience and when I have to downsize my suitcase to meet maximum weight limits for checked baggage on the airlines. I also received an email and documents from our attorney regarding my cousin’s estate. This will take me several hours to follow through on his instructions. It will be a productive day for me, but I’ll find time for another walk in the city.

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